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Detoxing Childhood: What parents need to know to raise happy, successful children

Author: Sue Palmer

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Detoxing Childhood


When Sue Palmer wrote Toxic Childhood, her ground-breaking book that showed how problems of diet, education, fitness and mental health problems were all inter-related, she created a national debate. Everyone from educationists and scientists to politicians, religious leaders and authors got involved in the debate. The problems seemed potentially overwhelming. Now, in this important successor volume, Sue Palmer provides an essential guide on how to bring up children in a way that avoids the problems of a toxic world. With practical, easy-to-follow advice she explains what children need, in terms of food, play, sleep and talk; what childcare and education will help most; how families can work together for the best, given the hectic pace of 21st century life; and how to turn the electronic village of TV, computers and mobile phones to our advantage. With so many pressures across so many parts of our lives today, this book is the one-stop solution to all our concerns about raising healthy, happy children in the modern world.

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