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Smart Fats: How Dietary Fats and Oils affect Mental, Physical and Emotional Intelligence

Author: Michael A Schmidt

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Michael Schmidt, a clinical scientist specializing in molecular nutrition, describes current research into the link between dietary fat and the brain, and how the balance of essentially fatty acids in the blood influences neurological health.

In short, he argues that adjusting your diet can help increase concentration and fight off disease.

Readers' reviews from Amazon:

This is the best book on fats I've read. It's not written in a "pop" style like so many other nutrition books, but is simply well written and comprehensive. After reading this book I will never, ever touch another donut for as long as I live! Technical details that other authors apparently thought were too difficult for the average reader are covered in this book. But that doesn't make the book difficult to read. On the contrary, I had a hard time putting it down.

Dr. Michael Schmidt has done a wonderful job assembling all the information on how diet and fats in particular affect brain function. If we followed the excellent suggestions of this book, I wager there would be less Alzheimer's, better memory in aging adults, and smarter kids. Excellent job! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to maximize their brain health and overall health, and absolute must reading for all expecting mothers!

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