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One of the aims of this website is to plug a gap in general medical knowledge. While pharmaceutical science is taught in depth to medical students, nutrition tends to be side-lined or missed out entirely.

Our repository of research paper abstracts – all cross referenced and linked where appropriate to relevant news stories – enables practitioners to gain immediate access to the latest studies and conclusions relating to food and its links to brain health and behaviour. It is an organic, growing database supplying a unique service to health professionals interested in the possibilities and precedence of nutritional interventions.

We also include links to relevant literature and resources; while Associate Members are able to access exclusive video presentations from some of the leading researchers in the field. 

Depressing results?

Nutrition-based study results are not always what they seem at first glance. For example, recent clinical trial data seems to suggest that certain supplements are of no help in the prevention of depression.

However, FAB's Dr Alex Richardson warns that the study in question has several serious limitations:

“Supplementation with any specific micronutrient would only be expected to benefit those initially lacking in that nutrient”, she comments. “This problem is only compounded when the treatment includes combinations of different nutrients, as the one used in this study did.

“For each of the micronutrients included, previous research has provided some evidence that supplementation might help to reduce depressive symptoms - if not prevent depression. However, that’s not the same as prior evidence from giving them all in combination.”

Read the full article here.

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