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Information For Parents/Carers

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FAB Research wants to help you.
  • Are you confused about what a healthy diet should look like? 
  • Do you try hard to give your child a well-balanced diet, but struggle to work out what that really is?
  • Does getting the family (or even yourself!) to eat more healthily often seem to be a losing battle?

If so, you’re not alone!! 

We’re constantly bombarded with information about nutrition and diet.  But much of it is conflicting (at least on the surface) - which can sometimes make ‘healthy eating’ seem a very confusing subject.

Good nutrition is critical for healthy brains as well as bodies – and our diets really can affect the way we feel, think and behave. Nutrition is essential at any stage of life, but it’s particularly critical during pregnancy and early childhood.  A recent study, Childhood diet has lifelong impact, highlighted that “You are not only what you eat, but what you ate as a child”. 

Here at FAB Research, we aim to give you summaries of the latest news and other resources to keep you informed and help you improve your child’s and family’s nutrition. This can not only help improve their physical health and wellbeing, but can also lead to benefits for their behaviour, learning and mood


  • Do you need help with your child’s nutrition?  
  • Are you struggling with their behaviour, mood or learning, and wondering if diet could make a difference?  
  • Or do you already know that a poor diet is part of the problem, but are finding it impossible to make the changes needed? 

If so, join FAB Research, and you’ll get a FREE online consultation with the world-renowned Dr Alex Richardson – a leading researcher in the field, and author of ‘They Are What You Feed Them’.  Ask her your own questions – and get information and advice that could improve your child’s physical and mental health not only now, but for life. Recent topics discussed with new FAB Associates include:

  • Simple dietary changes that can help reduce temper tantrums
  • How improving nutrition can help mood, behaviour and learning in Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia
  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression - dietary strategies
  • Dealing with food cravings, and tactics to help children improve food choices
  • Nutrition in pregnancy, and the links between gut, immune and brain health 

"I cannot thank Dr Alex Richardson enough for the help that she has given my family. She has transformed our daughter’s life and has given us so much hope for her future" – Parent of an Autistic child

"Dr Richardson has the ability to bridge the gap between her knowledge from the forefront of science and my need to find good information as a parent. More than that – she genuinely cares about helping parents access up to date information on nutrition and behaviour" - Naomi

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