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We’re bombarded with nutritional information. But beyond some general rules, most people haven’t been taught what all the information means. And even the general rules can be very misleading, based on decades of seemingly wilful misunderstanding on the part of the food industry.

Not even doctors are routinely taught about nutrition. So what chance does the average person have of understanding what all those vitamins, minerals and low-fat/salt/sugar messages mean?

One of the aims of the FAB website is to present the latest news and resources to an audience who might not otherwise stumble upon this material. We link stories to the research that underlies them, and to any other articles we have featured which are directly relevant. Associate Members can access additional resources too.

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"It has raised my awareness of the importance of a healthy diet for all, not just those with behavioural issues/problems"

"Inspiring to hear professionals on top of their game"

"What have I done to my children?!"

Recent news stories added to the site include several on the theme of obesity, ranging from what happens in the brains of teens at risk of obesity, to  early weight gain and its links to childhood obesity. You’ll also find the grim news of US child obesity, and a thought-provoking piece from the Conversation, ‘Junk food’ and the consumer blame game.

We’ve also added several stories looking at the importance of a the gut-brain axis. Recent areas of research here cover the gut microbiome’s links to Parkinson’s diseasegood memoryanxiety, and general mental health.

On the theme of Omega-3, you can read new evidence of its positive effects on attention, hyperactivity, and cognitive function, and how a deficiency of both omega-3 and omega-6 has been linked to linked to schizophrenic symptoms.

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