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Omega-3 - News

Omega-3 supplements do double duty in protecting against stress
Study shows DHA supplement may offset impact of maternal stress on unborn males
Updates to the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis pathway - FREE online webinar
Adding triglyceride-lowering Omega-3 based medication to statins may lower stroke risk
Could what we eat improve our sleep?
Unraveling the Effects of Fatty Acids on Inflammation - FREE online seminar
Halved risk for severe retinal disease in extremely premature infants
Consuming omega-3 fatty acids could prevent asthma
Research shows people with high omega-3 index less likely to die from COVID-19
Vegan diet significantly remodels metabolism in young children
Enriched infant formula linked to fewer behavioral problems in toddlers: Study
Cannabinoids may help limit secondary damage of TBIs
Americans don’t eat enough fish and miss out on robust health benefits
LipiDiDiet finds broadly sustainable effects of nutrient intervention in early Alzheimer's
Exercise and nutrition regimen benefits physical, cognitive health
The benefits of DHA & Choline for brain development and function - FOOD MATTERS LIVE
Webinar - Latest in cutting edge research in Omega-3s
Curcumin and fish oil offer cognitive boost
Pesco-Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting may lower heart disease risk
Failure of Omega-3s to Prevent, Slow Alzheimer's Explained?
Offspring of Mice Fed Imbalanced Diets Shown to Be Neurologically ‘Programmed’ for Obesity
Higher omega-3 DHA levels linked to less lung inflammation, lower ILD risk
Supplements with potential to prevent Alzheimer's affect blood, but less so the brain
Microalgae makes case as a viable omega-3 alternative to fish, study concludes
Stem cell study shows how fish oil may help with depression
Chemists develop foolproof new test to track the fats we eat
A new approach to averting inflammation caused by COVID-19
Exercise and diet essential for healthy aging
How a Healthy diet with nutritional supplements can support the body in fight against COVID-19
4 March 2020 - Finding Genius Podcast - Researching the Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Physical and Mental Health
More people and fewer wild fish lead to an omega-3 supply gap
Should you be worried that food isn't as good for you as it used to be?
Fish oil beats curcumin for brain & heart health biomarker improvements in older people
BBC - How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence
How diet affects mental health: What's the evidence?
Meta-analyses support omega-3s potential brain health benefits
11 December 2019 - MedicalXpress - Taking fish oil tablets for four weeks improves 'night vision,' study says
9 December 2019 - Nutraingredients - ISSFAL publishes guidelines on analysis of omega-3 blood status in clinical research
26 November 2019 - Nutraingredients - Omega-3 findings on ADHD kids offers no firm answers to fish oil’s effect
21 November 2019 - The Conversation - Omega-3 fish oil as effective as drugs for some children with ADHD
21 November 2019 - MedicalXpress - Omega-3 fatty acids' health benefit linked to stem cell control, researchers find
20 November 2019 - Nutraingredients - Omega-3 and asthma: Why seaweed intake may reduce risk - Korean study
High-fat (Omega-6-rich, Omega-3 deficient) maternal diet can cause brain damage in the unborn child
'High-fat' (Omega-6-rich, Omega-3 deficient) maternal diet can cause life-long changes in the fetal brain
Omega-3 may improve brain health in people with heart disease: Study
11 November 2019 - MedicalXpress - Researchers discover potential new Rx target for AMD and Alzheimer's
6 November 2019 - Nutraingredients - Child nutrition experts make case for fatty acid rethink in infant formula
28 October 2019 - Spectrum News - Analysis finds little evidence to support dietary interventions for autism
Seafood consumption during pregnancy may improve attention capacity in children
Omega-3s Recommended as Adjunctive Therapy for Major Depression