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Omega-3 - News

13 March 2012 - UC San Diego Health Sciences - More Trans Fat Consumption Linked to Greater Aggression
27 Feb 2012 - HealthDay News - Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Protect the Aging Brain
1 Feb 2012 - MNT - Mothers Who Eat Fish While Pregnant Produce Offspring With Better Cognitive Development
22 Jan 2012 - The Daily Mail YOU Magazine - ADHD and a Dietary Alternative to Ritalin
11 Jan 2012 - MedicalXpress - Omega-3 fatty acids could prevent and treat nerve damage, research suggests
9 Jan 2012 - MedPage Today - Pediatric Study: 'Healthy' Diet Best for ADHD Kids
BBC News - Alzheimer's: 'Diet can stop brain shrinking'
High fish intake during pregnancy leads to better verbal intelligence, motor skills in children
25 Oct 2011 - The Telegraph - Eating fish can make you smarter
14 Oct 2011 - Nutraingredients - New review backs nutrient modification for Alzheimer's prevention
8 Sept 2011 - Medscape - Omega-3 Effective for Treating Child ADHD
Low DHA Levels Linked to Increased Suicide Risk
Omega-3 Supplements May Lower Anxiety
14 March 2011 - Reuters - Omega-3s linked to less age-related vision loss
4 March 2011 - Nutraingredients - Refining the omega-3 'policy gap' that feeds global deficiencies
18 Feb 2011 - Nutraingedients - Omega-3 may improve depression measures for seniors: Study
(Maternal) Diets Low In Omega-3 Linked to Depressive Behavior In Mice
How eating oily fish can prevent you going blind
Omega-3 Supplements May Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Patients Without Comorbid Anxiety
26 May 2010 - Omega-3 experts issue warning to public health legislators worldwide
1 May 2010 - - Captain of the Happier Meal
19 March 2010 - Psychiatric News - Omega-3s May Have Ability to Delay or Prevent Psychosis
Omega-3, vitamins, minerals may reduce aggressive behaviour
Omega-3 fatty acid may help prevent brain cell death
26 Oct 2009 - BBC Radio 4 - Food Programme: Omega-3
30 Sep 2009 - The Telegraph - EU rules on health foods could fool consumers
Diet Linked to Alzheimer's Risk
Don't ignore omega-3 for mood and behaviour, say UK experts
30 Jan 2008 - Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum Report on the links between diet, mental health and behaviour
6 November 2007 - BBC News - Gene 'links breastfeeding to IQ'
'Mothers Again Urged to Eat Fish' - as top scientists call for better dietary guidelines
19 August 2007 - The Observer - Can fish oils really improve your mind?
15 August 2007 - BBC News - Fat 'crucial' in children's diet
Fish-diet mothers have brighter children
BBC News - Fish in pregnancy benefits baby
09 Sep 2006 - The Guardian - It's business, and it's fishy
06 Sep 2006 - Channel 4 - Fish oil for students
Omega-3 fatty acids may help kids with depression
Brain food: Why the Government wants your child to take Omega-3, the fish oil supplement
Horizon - Could Fish Make My Child Smart?
The Observer - It's supposed to be lean cuisine. So why is this chicken fatter than it looks?
The Guardian - Why it's time we faced fats
Children's diet link to disorders
What not to feed your child
Times Educational Supplement - Feed Your Head
'Can popping fish-oil pills stop this tantrum?'
16 September 2003 - The Guardian: 'Is There A Catch?'
14 September 2003 - The Observer: 'Diet of Fish 'can prevent' teen violence'
Diet can ease problem behaviours