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Iron and cognition

Anaemia afflicts nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide, but there are practical strategies for reducing it
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Chouraqui J et al 2023 - Risk Assessment of Micronutrients Deficiency in Vegetarian or Vegan Children: Not So Obvious
Switching meat and milk for plant-based copies misses vital nutrients
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One in two pregnancies are affected by iron deficiency, yet many women don't get a simple screening test to check
Vitamin B1 deficiency a key factor in the development of alcohol-related dementia
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Brain iron levels associated with healthy cognitive development
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Nutrients in child's first 1,000 days key for neurodevelopment
The human body's golden gate to iron traffic
Your Brain on Plants: Micronutrients and Mental Health
Food Fights: Are Vegan Diets Healthier for the Brain?
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Supplements for autism - can the science match market demands?