Food and Behaviour Research

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How We can Help You

FAB Research is dedicated to improving current knowledge of how nutrition and diet can affect behaviour, learning and mood. (Please see 'About Us' for more details on our aims and activities, the audiences we serve and the subject areas we cover.)

To achieve our aims, our efforts are primarily focused on

(1) Carrying out and promoting further research

Too little is currently known about the links between food and human behaviour. Research in this area is currently seriously under-funded, because
(a) it falls between disciplinary or other boundaries that dictate the allocation of most public research funds, and
(b) much of what still needs to be investigated is unlikely to satisfy the commercial interests that might otherwise support scientific research of this kind.

FAB Research does not currently have the resources to fund specific research projects directly, although almost all of our Scientific Advisors are actively engaged in research themselves; and many are pioneers in this rapidly developing area of investigation. Since its foundation in 2003, FAB Research has supported and promoted further independent research via a wide range of 'knowledge exchange' activities, including seminars, workshops, conferences and other events, as well as via our website and E-alerts.

(2) Providing accessible information on the existing research evidence

We are also committed to providing easy access to the information already available to a wide variety of different audiences. 

Our work attracts an enormous number of enquiries, confirming its relevance and importance both to the public and to professionals of many different kinds, as well as to policymakers, and of course the media.

Given our limited resources, we regret that we cannot always answer all of the enquries we receive immediately or in detail, but we will always do our best to respond as soon as possible.

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