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Vitamin B and Age -Related Mental Health - News

Switching meat and milk for plant-based copies misses vital nutrients
Study finds folic acid treatment is associated with decreased risk of suicide attempts
B Vitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids Against Cognitive Decline
Vitamin B1 deficiency a key factor in the development of alcohol-related dementia
Failure of Omega-3s to Prevent, Slow Alzheimer's Explained?
Addressing the safety of high folate levels in the older population and implications for fortification in Ireland
Karolinska Institute - New findings explain how 'indigestion' medications can increase dementia risks
Vitamin B12 deficiency: what is pernicious anaemia, and why can it be so dangerous?
Omega 3 Oils and Vitamin B Supplements: A Winning Combination
27 February 2019 - Nutraingredients - High-dose B vitamin supplementation may support brain health and disease prevention: Blackmores-backed RCT
Essential nutrient may help fight Alzheimer's across generations
19 December 2018 - MedicalXpress - Study links nutrients in blood to better brain connectivity, cognition in older adults
26 June 2018 - MedicalXpress - Study finds significant proportion of older adults are deficient in vitamin B12 and folate
9 March 2018 - MedicalXpress - Low levels of vitamin B12 may worsen walking, cognition in Parkinson's patients
Your Brain on Plants: Micronutrients and Mental Health
15 December 2017 - Science Daily - Vitamin deficiency in later life
16 June 2017 - Nutraingredients - Folic acid and dementia: Supplementation benefits elderly people with mild cognitive decline, China RCT
19 May 2017 - Nutraingredients - Vitamins may have larger role in halting brain decline: Review
28 February 2017 - The Guardian - Everything you need to know about vitamin B12 deficiency
27 January 2017 - The Conversation - Are you getting enough vitamin B1 to help fend off Alzheimer's?
16 January 2017 - Nutraingredients - Vitamin B6 deficiency linked to cognitive decline
16 December 2016 - Nutraingredients - Could folic acid decrease dementia risk?
19 Feb 2016 - Nutraingredients - B vitamins may boost cognitive ability in older adults: Study
Oxford University - Omega-3 levels affect whether B vitamins can slow brain's decline
Supplements can halt Alzheimer's in groundbreaking dementia prevention treatment
06 April 2015 - Guardian - Depression: Malnutrition Plays a Surprising Role
Dementia: healthy eating and active lifestyle reduces risk
Why FISH is nature's antidepressant: Mediterranean diet 'reduces the risk of stress, anxiety and mental illness'
27 February 2015 - NZ Herald - Music, dance, diet key to slowing down dementia - study
24 February 2015 - Huffingtonpost - Diet May Be As Important To Mental Health As It Is To Physical Health
How a simple vitamin B prescription could help people with Alzheimer's
Diet, nutrition essential for mental health
13 November 2014 - BBC News - Dementia study questions advice on taking supplements
21 August 2014 - Journal Sentinel - 5 foods for better moods, and 5 more that only bring you down
05 August 2014 - Nutraingredients - ‘Not enough people are talking about nutrition and brain function’
14 April 2014 - Nutraingredients - Folate shows eye health benefits in 20 year+ cohort study
BBC News - Ulcer drugs linked to vitamin B12 deficiency
High dose B vitamins help prevent Alzheimer's say researchers
BBC News - Vitamin B 'puts off Alzheimer's'
B vitamins may lead to happier seniors
Folic acid 'cuts dementia risk'