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Alcohol and pregnancy - News

Planning for a baby? Why both men and women should consider quitting alcohol before and during pregnancy
Father's alcohol consumption before conception linked to brain and facial defects in offspring
Can certain nutrients protect against the effects of fetal alcohol exposure?
Miscarriage risk increases each week alcohol is used in early pregnancy
Alcohol consumption by fathers before conception could negatively impact child development (and choline supplementation in pregnancy reduces similar brain damage from maternal alcohol consumption)
Abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy the only safe approach
Midwives and nurse-midwives may underestimate the dangers of prenatal alcohol use
Drinking alcohol even at conception damages placenta development: study
10 June 2019 - MedicalXpress - New report card could mark governments' progress in improving preconception health
Drinking alcohol at conception shown to harm brain development (in rats) – new study
No safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, suggest researchers
First UK estimates of children who could have conditions caused by drinking in pregnancy
Women need better information about drinking in pregnancy
24 April 2018 - Science Daily - Maternal binge drinking linked to mood problems and alcohol abuse in offspring
24 October 2017 - MedicalXpress - There is no safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy, new study shows
12 September 2017 - The Conversation - Health risks of light drinking in pregnancy confirms that abstention is the safest approach
What is the global prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder?
Foetal exposure to binge drinking can affect child's mental health and school results
Development of brain function altered by prenatal alcohol exposure
Pre-pregnancy risk drinking predicts toddler behavior problems