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Gut health and obesity - news

Could ultra-processed foods be the new 'silent' killer?
Why Your Brain Hates Junk Food
Starches common in processed grains can curb helpful gut bacteria
Some guts are better than others at harvesting energy, study shows
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Decoding a direct dialog between the gut microbiota and the brain
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Clues to brain health may lie in the gut
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Low-fiber, high-fat diets adversely impact the gut
Western diet may increase risk of gut inflammation, infection
How the gut microbiota develops in the first five years of life
Early antibiotic exposure linked with childhood obesity
The gut mycobiome influences the metabolism of processed foods
High fructose diets could cause immune system damage
Study discovers microbiome modulation possibilities in obese population
Study: Fructose syrup disrupts gut microbiome but fruit can undo negative effects
Study reveals dietary fructose heightens inflammatory bowel disease
Influence of vitamin D supplementation on a baby's gut microbiome
Creating a new paradigm for understanding the individual effects of diet
Low-calorie sweeteners do not mean low risk for infants
22 January 2020 - The Guardian - The poo panacea: inside the strange, surprising world of faecal transplants
Gut bacteria is key factor in childhood obesity
13 August 2019 - MedicalXpress - New study links high-fat diet and gut bacteria to insulin resistance
18 July 2019 - Nutraingredients - Study boosts microbiome fitness and diet quality link
Millions of Europeans at risk of chronic digestive diseases, new report reveals
15 May 2019 - Science Daily - Over-fed bacteria make people sick
1 November 2018 - The Conversation - Moving to another country could mess with your gut bacteria
17 September 2018 - Eurekalert - Household cleaning products may contribute to kids' overweight by altering their gut microbiota
19 July 2018 - MedicalXpress - How maternal diet could change the infant gut microbiome
11 July 2018 - Nutraingredients - Prebiotic approach proves positive for obesity prevention, review finds
18 June 2018 - MedicalXpress - Gut microbes may contribute to depression and anxiety in obesity
Mothers who eat oily fish could boost their child’s gut health – but only if it’s a boy
13 September 2017 - The Conversation - For better gut bacteria, eat more oily fish
3 August 2017 - Nutraingredients - The case of the vanishing microbiota: Gut bugs powerless to halt disease rampage
31 May 2017 - St Louis Post-Dispatch - Of mice and men: a link between obesity and autism?
18 April 2017 - TheConversation - Artificial sweeteners are said to be ‘lite’ but they leave a heavy burden on your health
20 March 2017 - Nutraingredients - Gut bug imbalance could help disease prevention, suggests study
15 March 2017 - The Conversation - Gut bacteria play a role in long-term weight gain
8 February 2017 - MedicalXpress - New study finds that eating whole grains increases metabolism and calorie loss
8 February 2017 - Science Daily - Eating whole grains led to modest improvements in gut microbiota and immune response
Aspartame may prevent, not promote, weight loss by blocking intestinal enzyme's activity
4 October 2016 - The Conversation - If there was a Nobel silver medal, I'd award it to Jeffrey Gordon and our gut microbes
How Nutrition in The Workplace Affects the Bottom Line
Why Most People Fail to 'Get the Fats Right' - and How You can do Better!
Early Exposure to Antibiotics Linked With Obesity
11 March 2015 - MNT - The gut microbiome: how does it affect our health?
Artificial Sweeteners May Change Our Gut Bacteria in Dangerous Ways