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Pregnancy and nutrition - news

13 May 2015 - ScienceDaily - The infant gut microbiome: New studies on its origins and how it's knocked out of balance
Organic and long-life milk 'risk to children's IQ', new study
28 April 2015 - Nutraingredients - EFSA adopts caffeine opinion
Omega-3-supplemented formula promotes growth (but not overweight or obesity) in children: Study
14 April 2015 - MedicalXpress - Lifelong health begins before birth
08 April 2015 - MNT - Critical windows to turn away junk food craving
02 April 2015 - DHA supplements for lactating women may offer breast milk and baby benefits
31 March 2015 - The Science Times - Poorer Children Have Smaller Brains Researchers Say
BBC News - The myths about food and pregnancy
Pregnant women not getting enough omega-3, critical for infant development
Vitamin D vital for gene expression in developing brains
18 March 2015 - MNT - Breastfeeding for longer leads to smarter adults
Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D may control brain serotonin
24 February 2015 - EurekAlert - Too many food choices exacerbate the battle against obesity, researchers find
20 February 2015 - Foodnavigator - WHO unveils nutrient profiling to restrict marketing to kids
05 February 2015 - ScienceDaily - Another breastfeeding benefit: Preparing baby's belly for solid food
03 February 2015 - Medical News Today - A combination of early-life risk factors 'could quadruple the risk of childhood obesity'
02 February 2015 - American Academy of Pediatrics - Many Pre-Packaged Toddler Meals and Snack Foods Contain Too Much Salt or Sugar
30 January 2015 - Nutraingredients - GM folate rice could help tackle neural tube defects, say researchers
Diet, nutrition essential for mental health
Fatty acids in fish may shield brain from mercury damage
20 January 2015 - ScienceDaily - BPA exposure during pregnancy causes oxidative stress in child, mother
18 January 2015 - Daily Mail - Fat found in women's bottoms helps to build babies' brains: Scientists say curvy girls produce more intelligent children
Multivitamin may have pregnancy benefits over folic acid and iron alone: RCT
30 December 2014 - MNT - Year of birth has an influence on genetic risk for obesity, study finds
24 December 2014 - MedicalXpress - High-fat diet, obesity during pregnancy harms stem cells in developing fetus
08 December 2014 - Science Daily - Each dollar spent on kids' nutrition can yield more than $100 later
05 December 2014 - News Medical - Increasing length of breastfeeding could save over £40 million annually for NHS
12 November 2014 - Nature - Gut-brain link grabs neuroscientists
DHA Supplements May Reduce Stress in Pregnant Women
29 October 2014 - The Conversation - Mom's prenatal hardship turns baby's genes on and off
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Increase Brain Volume
22 October 2014 - medicalnewstoday - Pediatric Allergology: Fresh milk keeps infections at bay
Research-backed Nutrients for Kids?
Mothers of children with autism less likely to have taken iron supplements
11 September 2014 - MedicalXpress - Breast milk is brain food
Can Fatty Acids in Breast Milk Predict Children's Test Scores?
28 July 2014 - MedicalXpress - Breast milk reveals clues for health
The Conversation - You are what you eat: how diet affects mental well-being
EFSA - Scientific Opinion on health benefits of seafood (fish and shellfish) consumption in relation to health risks associated with exposure to methylmercury
Vitamin D and autism: same old story?
Vitamin A, E, D deficiencies 'dramatically' higher in pre-term babies
FDA - Fish: What Pregnant Women and Parents Should Know
Possible benefit in omega-3 supplementation for extremely preterm infants
20 May 2014 - The Conversation - How your parents' diet before your birth impacts your health
22 May 2014 - FAB Researchers present at the Dieticians of Canada Omega-3 Symposium, Toronto
8 May 2014 - Medicalxpress - Gluten-free diet reduces risk of type 1 diabetes in mice
CAPT Joseph Hibbeln, M.D.: Nutritional Armor - Brain and Behavior
Research indicates Causal Link between Vitamin D, Serotonin Synthesis and Autism
Omega-3-rich fish intake during pregnancy may boost birth weight for babies: European data