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Sleep and diet - news

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Small changes in children's sleep lead to significant changes in eating habits, shows study
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FAB Research Webinar - Nutrition for ADHD and Neurodiverse Minds
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Diet, exercise can improve teens' mental health
How the microbiome affects human health
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Clues to brain health may lie in the gut
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Fruits, veggies could help young adults improve sleep
Could what we eat improve our sleep?
Gut microbes: The key to normal sleep.... IN MICE
Preventing respiratory tract infections with food
Could eating white bread every day ruin your sleep?
Refined carbs may trigger insomnia, finds study
Dodgy diet affects daytime drowsiness
Craving junk food after a sleepless night? Blame your nose, which sniffs out high fat, calorie-dense food
To fight effects of sleep deprivation, reach for healthy snacks
Study links poor sleep with poor nutrition
Insufficient sleep in children is associated with poor diet, obesity and more screen time
Study uncovers link between better sleep quality and a healthy diet
Mediterranean diet may improve academic performance by affecting sleep
Traditional Japanese diet components may improve mental health: Population study
Sleeping for longer leads to a healthier diet
Weekly fish consumption in children linked to better sleep, higher IQ, study finds
Insomnia linked to alcohol-use frequency among early adolescents, says new psychology study
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid intake may affect lupus outcomes
New WHO study on health and well-being of Europe’s youth reveals that obesity continues to rise
How Nutrition in The Workplace Affects the Bottom Line
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Brain activity can predict increased fat intake following sleep deprivation