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Newsletter - Reducing visual impairment and blindness

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Date: 2021

A groundbreaking new study, Halved risk for severe retinal disease in extremely premature infants, shows that the right nutritional supplementation can dramatically reduce serious visual impairment in extremely premature (EP) infants (born before 28 weeks' gestation).

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) – a form of retinal damage linked with immaturity of blood vessels – is a well-known complication of early-pre-term birth that can cause permanent visual impairment and, at worst, blindness.

Oral supplementation with both omega-3 DHA and omega AA can reduce by half the number of early pre-term infants with ROP who suffer serious damage to their vision.

These 'groundbreaking' findings validate the pioneering work of Professor Michael Crawford - who flagged more than 20 years ago the need for the nutrition of pre-term infants to be designed to match the AA and DHA content that the placenta would have delivered to them in the critical 3rd trimester had they not been born prematurely.

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