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Diet and cognition in children - news

BBC News - Ulcer drugs linked to vitamin B12 deficiency
Omega-3 status linked to sleep quality in school children: New data
Oxford University - ‘Low Omega-3 in children could help to explain poor learning and behaviour’, researchers will tell conference
13 Aug 2013 - ScienceDaily - DHA-enriched formula in infancy linked to positive cognitive outcomes in childhood
Low Omega-3 Linked to Behaviour, Cognitive Deficits
19 July 2013 - Nutraingredients - Omega-3 levels linked to cognition and behavior in schoolchildren - Oxford University Study
27 June 2013 - Oxford University - ‘Low Omega-3 in children could help to explain poor learning and behaviour’
Large UK study finds that iodine deficiency during pregnancy adversely affects children's mental development
BBC News - Iodine deficiency may lower UK children's IQ
Omega-3 may minimise damaging effects of junk food on brain: Research review
22 Jan 2013 - Nutraingredients - Researchers call for holistic approach to children's additive exposure risk
10 Sep 2012 - NHS Choices - 'Fish oil can make children less naughty'
High fish intake during pregnancy leads to better verbal intelligence, motor skills in children
8 Feb 2011 - BBC News - Healthy diet 'boosts childhood IQ'
(Maternal) Diets Low In Omega-3 Linked to Depressive Behavior In Mice
27 Apr 2010 - BBC News - 'More omega-3 research needed' says Prof Amanda Kirby
25 March 2009 - Nutraingredients - How metals in food impact children's behaviour
22 March 2009 - The Observer - Running on empty carbs
20 Feb 2008 - BBC News - Infant feeding 'may affect brain'
30 Jan 2008 - Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum Report on the links between diet, mental health and behaviour
6 November 2007 - BBC News - Gene 'links breastfeeding to IQ'
'Mothers Again Urged to Eat Fish' - as top scientists call for better dietary guidelines
19 August 2007 - The Observer - Can fish oils really improve your mind?
New fears over additives in children's food
Fish-diet mothers have brighter children
BBC News - Fish in pregnancy benefits baby
06 Sep 2006 - Channel 4 - Fish oil for students
Brain food: Why the Government wants your child to take Omega-3, the fish oil supplement
1st January 2006 - Sustain - Changing Diets, Changing Minds - how food affects mental health and behaviour
Horizon - Could Fish Make My Child Smart?
The Guardian - Why it's time we faced fats
Children's diet link to disorders
What not to feed your child
Times Educational Supplement - Feed Your Head
BBC Website - 'Ban artificial food colourings'
A Rotten Way to Feed the Children
Diet can ease problem behaviours