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Gut and digestive disorders - News

Consuming Omega-3 Fatty Acids Found to Reduce Aggression
Link between gut microbiota and Parkinson's disease points to potential therapeutic route
A common type of fibre may trigger bowel inflammation
Autism and ADHD are linked to disturbed gut flora very early in life
Study links long-term consumption of reused deep-fried oil with increased neurodegeneration
Food additive E551 could promote celiac disease
Could ultra-processed foods be the new 'silent' killer?
Are preservatives killing good gut bacteria?
Clues to autism's causes may lie in the gut
Irritable bowel syndrome patients found to suffer higher rates of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
Why Your Brain Hates Junk Food
The keto diet protects against epileptic seizures, and scientists are uncovering why
Researchers find increased intestinal permeability is precursor of celiac disease in pediatric study
Early childhood fish consumption may protect against neurodevelopmental delays
Study finds vitamin B12 is a key player in cellular reprogramming and tissue regeneration
Children with ADHD frequently use health care service before diagnosis, study finds
This Is Your Brain on Junk Food
Autistic individuals have increased risk of chronic physical health conditions across the whole body
The Three Channels of Gut-Brain Communication
The truth about emulsifiers: are they destroying our gut health?
Starches common in processed grains can curb helpful gut bacteria
Ultra-processed foods: bread may be considered one, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad
That salad isn’t just good for your nutrition–it may help stave off depression
Chemical found in common sweetener damages DNA
Could low iron be making mental health symptoms worse?
Is there an association between the consumption of ultra-processed food and adverse microbiota-gut-brain axis implications?
Some guts are better than others at harvesting energy, study shows
Common food dye can trigger inflammatory bowel diseases, say researchers
Residue from rinse agents used in commercial dishwashers found to destroy protective layer in gut
What are postbiotics and how can they improve our gut health?
Low-calorie sugar substitute consumption during adolescence appears to impair memory later in life
Rebound weight gain in children with obesity linked to disconnect between brain and gut
How gut microbes can evolve and become dangerous
Cutting Dietary Simple Sugars May Relieve GERD Symptoms
Gut bacteria mine dietary fibre to release beneficial nutrients
New study shows bidirectional link between inflammatory bowel disease and depression
Gastrointestinal issues linked with anxiety, social withdrawal for kids with autism
Decoding a direct dialog between the gut microbiota and the brain
Ubiquitous food additive alters human microbiota and intestinal environment
Gut bacteria don't cause autism. Autistic kids' microbiome differences are due to picky eating
Gut microbiota differences seen in people with autism may be due to dietary preferences
Polyphenol-rich diets improve leaky gut syndrome in the elderly
How the microbiome affects human health
One in ten people experience frequent meal-related abdominal pain
Gas-related intestinal symptoms affect nearly all adults and are associated with psychological distress
Blowing In The Wind
Review finds microbial patterns in patients with psychological disorders
Clues to brain health may lie in the gut
The bitter truth of added sugar: What excessive fructose consumption can do to your body
This Is Your Gut on Sugar