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Dementia - News

World first study links obesity with reduced brain plasticity
Study: Astaxanthin and Vitamin E offer cognitive benefits
Vitamin B1 deficiency a key factor in the development of alcohol-related dementia
Can a healthy diet reduce risk of Parkinson's?
Body weight has surprising, alarming impact on brain function
Supplements with potential to prevent Alzheimer's affect blood, but less so the brain
Abnormal proteins in the gut could contribute to the development of Alzheimer's disease
Light drinking may protect brain function
Addressing the safety of high folate levels in the older population and implications for fortification in Ireland
Karolinska Institute - New findings explain how 'indigestion' medications can increase dementia risks
'Laughing gas' depletes Vitamin B12 and can cause irreversible brain damage
Exercise and diet essential for healthy aging
Podcast - Researching the Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Physical and Mental Health
Study shows low carb diet may prevent, reverse age-related effects within the brain
Mediterranean diet increases gut bacteria linked to healthy ageing in older adults
Memory games: Eating well to remember
Fish oil beats curcumin for brain & heart health biomarker improvements in older people
29 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - Study: Antioxidant flavonol linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's dementia
28 January 2020 - MedicalXpress - Walnuts may slow cognitive decline in at-risk elderly
BBC - How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence
14 January 2020 - MedicalXpress - Gut bacteria could guard against Parkinson's, study finds
Healthy habits in middle age linked to longer life free from disease
Meta-analyses support omega-3s potential brain health benefits
18 December 2019 - Futurity - More body fat may hamper thinking as you age
Hydration may affect cognitive function in some older adults
Eating more ketones may fight against Alzheimer's disease (a new animal study suggests)
3 December 2019 - Futurity - Cadmium, gene combo can speed up cognitive decline
27 November 2019 - MedicalXpress - Aerobic exercise and heart-healthy diet may slow development of memory problems
Study shows extra virgin olive oil staves off multiple forms of dementia in mice
How Does Alcohol Consumption Affect Brain Health?
Omega-3 may improve brain health in people with heart disease: Study
12 November 2019 - Medscape - Environmental Contamination Linked to Neurologic Disorders
Researchers discover potential new treatment target for Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Alzheimer's
High waist circumference associated with elevated risk of obesity-related dementia
Trans fats linked to higher dementia risk
Vitamin B12 deficiency: what is pernicious anaemia, and why can it be so dangerous?
Blood biomarker for dietary trans fats predicts dementia, Alzheimer's disease
High-salt diet promotes cognitive impairment through the Alzheimer-linked protein tau
Treatment of metabolic dysfunction could be a potential therapy for Alzheimer's disease
11 October 2019 - Science Daily - Habitual tea drinking modulates brain efficiency: Evidence from brain connectivity evaluation
4 October 2019 - MedicalXpress - Can your eating habits keep Alzheimer's at bay?
Alcohol intake linked to dementia risk
Choline supplementation may hold the answers to combatting Alzheimer's disease
12 September 2019 - Futurity - Tea drinkers may get some protection against brain decline
11 September 2019 - MedicalXpress - Study shows Mediterranean diet associated with better cognitive function in older adults
4 September 2019 - MedicalXpress - Poor oral health linked to cognitive decline, perceived stress, studies find
3 September 2019 - MedicalXpress - Scientists link 'hunger hormone' to memory in Alzheimer's study
3 September 2019 - MedicalXpress - Diet's effect on gut bacteria could play role in reducing Alzheimer's risk
3 September 2019 - MedicalXpress - New insights: Dementia, risk, risk reduction, and translation into practice
Suggested move to plant-based diets risks worsening brain health nutrient deficiency