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Dementia - News

Fatty liver disease endangers brain health
Netflix psychiatrist Phil Stutz says 85% of early therapy gains are down to lifestyle changes. Is he right?
3 Outstanding Food Swaps to Improve Brain Health
Residue from rinse agents used in commercial dishwashers found to destroy protective layer in gut
New evidence on how 4 simple changes can halve your risk of dementia shared at international conference
A simple nutrition care program improves health and quality of life among aging adults at risk of malnutrition
Eating well and avoiding the news gave the best mental health outcomes during COVID
Study links omega-3s to improved brain structure, cognition at midlife
Study finds folic acid treatment is associated with decreased risk of suicide attempts
Vitamin D could alleviate depression and support women’s health
Nutritional Treatments: The Next Frontier in Psychiatry
Omega 3s may hold the secret to slowing the process of aging, experts reveal
Is Some Depression Actually Insulin Resistance?
Diet can influence mood, behavior and more – a neuroscientist explains
B Vitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids Against Cognitive Decline
Vitamin D deficiency directly linked to dementia
Study shows people with a high omega-3 DHA level in their blood are at 49% lower risk of Alzheimer's
Brain networks can play role in weight-loss success
Type 2 Diabetes Accelerates Brain Ageing and Cognitive Decline
Plant-based milk products: what you need to know before making the switch
A natural mineral - selenium - may help reverse memory loss
Statistics report offers snapshot of the nation's brain health—and a guide to protecting it
Junk food and the brain: How modern diets lacking in micronutrients may contribute to angry rhetoric
Two omega-3s in fish oil may boost brain function in people with heart disease
People who eat more fish have fewer signs of vascular disease in the brain
Natural compound in basil may protect against Alzheimer's disease pathology
How to promote brain health?
Harmful body fat not only increases your waistline, but also your risk of dementia
Review suggests vitamin K2 may help prevent Alzheimer’s
'The Better Brain' - Book Review
Gut microbe secreted molecule linked to formation of new nerve cells in adult brain
Eating more fruit and vegetables linked to less stress: study
Is Your Belly Fat Fogging Your Thinking?
New research on Alzheimer's disease shows 'lifestyle origin at least in some degree'
The potential role of nutrition in delaying Mild Cognitive Impairment - FREE online event
Scientists uncover early links between cardiovascular risk and brain metabolism
Obesity may exacerbate the effects of Alzheimer's disease, new study shows
Hydrogen sulphide could guard against Alzheimer's disease - IN MICE
Including unhealthy foods may diminish positive effects of an otherwise healthy diet
Cocoa flavanols boost brain oxygenation, cognition in healthy adults
Childhood lead exposure leads to structural changes in middle-aged brains
Studying Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil's effects on mild cognitive impairment
LipiDiDiet finds broadly sustainable effects of nutrient intervention in early Alzheimer's
Exercise and nutrition regimen benefits physical, cognitive health
Study underscores the gut-brain connection and shows hunger hormone impacts memory
Enhancing blood sugar control boosts brain health for people with type 2 diabetes
Curcumin and fish oil offer cognitive boost
World first study links obesity with reduced brain plasticity
Study: Astaxanthin and Vitamin E offer cognitive benefits
Vitamin B1 deficiency a key factor in the development of alcohol-related dementia