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Western Diet Identified as Risk Factor For Alzheimer's Disease, Scientists Warn

"The results showed that nutritional interventions are capable of slowing down the rate of progression of Alzheimer's disease, improving cognitive function, and improving the quality of life of these patients."

WHO warns against using artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, used to replace sugar in a vast range of products, do not help in losing weight and can have serious health effects, according to the World Health Organization.

Higher rates of autism and ADHD in American children may reflect poor diet and toxic exposures

Numerous clinical trial data indicate heavy metal exposures and poor diet are the primary epigenetic factors responsible for the autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder epidemics.

Study finds 'concerning' links between BMI and children's brain health

Pre-teen children with overweight or obesity show notable differences in cognitive performance, brain structures, and brain circuitry when compared to those with normal body-mass index (BMI), new research shows.

Is there an association between the consumption of ultra-processed food and adverse microbiota-gut-brain axis implications?

Ultra-processed food may impact gut microbiota, potentially causing metabolic imbalances and inflammation, increasing the likelihood of disrupting the neural network.

How alcohol consumption contributes to chronic pain

Chronic alcohol consumption may make people more sensitive to pain through two different molecular mechanisms—one driven by alcohol intake and one by alcohol withdrawal.

Fat molecules linked to sleep problems in children with autism

Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids may causally contribute to sleep disturbances.

Switching meat and milk for plant-based copies misses vital nutrients

Widespread replacement of dairy milk and animal-source meat with plant-based ‘milk’ and ‘meat’ may increase the risk of nutritional inadequacies in the population.

Trial investigating potential treatment for fatigue relief in people with long COVID reports results

"We are encouraged by these results, and hope that a treatment for people who suffer from long COVID fatigue may be in sight."

Research calls for DHA supplementation in vegetarian breastfeeding mothers

"Of particular concern is the lower DHA content in the milk of our vegetarians/vegans’ group. However, raising awareness and administering proper supplementation could bridge this gap, as has been the case with vitamin B12."

Planning for a baby? Why both men and women should consider quitting alcohol before and during pregnancy

Better health outcomes for babies begin before conception, with clear links established between the health of men and women before pregnancy and the health of their offspring.

Father's alcohol consumption before conception linked to brain and facial defects in offspring

Raising awareness of the role a father's health plays in his offspring's health is just as important as awareness of the mother's contributions from preconception and through gestation.

British doctor pioneers low-carb diet as cure for obesity and type 2 diabetes

“When people stop eating so much processed food and carbohydrates, they are not as hungry and the weight drops off. They also feel much better.”

Feeling Stressed? It Might Be Your Liver Calling

Liver disease can be a direct cause of mental health symptoms because a compromised liver cannot prevent toxins in the blood from reaching the brain.

FAB WEBINAR - How Food Affects Your Brain: The Role of Nutrition and Diet in the Mental Health Crisis

Hear from leading international researchers why improving nutrition is so crucial to reducing the current 'epidemic' of mental health problems. And how our diets affect how we all feel, think, and behave.

Lower birth weight, more weight gain seen with in utero COVID-19 exposure

"The accelerated growth trajectory displayed by infants with foetal exposure to COVID-19 may be a harbinger for adverse cardiometabolic outcomes, including obesity and heart disease, later in life."

Eating blueberries each day can improve memory and attention, and lower blood pressure - clinical trial

Eating a handful of blueberries daily has health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, faster reaction time, and improved memory and brain cognition.

Drinking alcohol brings no health benefits, study finds

At best, a drink or two each day has no effect good or ill on a person's health, while three or more drinks daily significantly increase the risk of an early death, researchers report.

Five ways to please picky eaters

Some simple things can help motivate your children to eat healthier foods and snacks. That's not just good for their health, it can make your life easier too - as the American Heart Association explains.

Why drinking more milk could be good for your brain

Drinking milk helps protect the brain from some of the damage caused by aging and aging-related diseases.