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24 September 2014 - MNT - Study: lack of sleep increases risk of failure in school

A new Swedish study shows that adolescents who suffer from sleep disturbance or habitual short sleep duration are less likely to succeed academically compared to those who enjoy a good night's sleep.

23 September 2014 - Science Daily - Fruit and vegetable consumption could be as good for your mental as your physical health

New research focused on mental wellbeing found that high and low mental wellbeing were consistently associated with an individual's fruit and vegetable consumption.

23 September 2014 - UofM News - Walking off depression and beating stress outdoors? Nature group walks linked to improved mental health

Large scale study says group nature walks linked with significantly lower depression and perceived stress, enhanced mental well-being

22 September 2014 - MedicalXpress - Mothers of children with autism less likely to have taken iron supplements

Mothers of children with autism are significantly less likely to report taking iron supplements before and during their pregnancies than the mothers of children who are developing normally, a study by researchers with the UC Davis MIND Institute has found.

22 September 2014 - ScienceDaily - Obesity and stress pack a double hit for health

If you're overweight, you may be at greater risk for stress-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer

19 September 2014 - Nutraingredients - DPA, vitamins D and K ‘should be investigated’ for cognitive health, says new review

A focus on new nutrients, a more holistic approach, and innovative clinical trials using omics technology may help better support the role of nutrition in cognitive health, says a new review.

18 September 2014 - EPOCH TIMES - A Nutritional Approach to Depression

Many people turn to anti-depressants to relieve their emotional suffering. While medication can be life-saving under certain circumstances, a nutritional approach to depression has few, if any, of the side effects of medications. In many instances, people can start to feel better emotionally and physically just by virtue of eating nourishing foods.

16 September 2014 - BBC News - Sugar intake must be slashed further, say scientists

The target to reduce sugar consumption should be much more ambitious, health experts say.

14 September 2014 - MNT - Foetal exposure to binge drinking can affect child's mental health and school results

Binge drinking during pregnancy can increase the risk of mental health problems (particularly hyperactivity and inattention) in children aged 11 and can have a negative effect on their school examination results.

12 September 2014 - KQED News - Berkeley’s Talking About Sugar — And the Conversation Isn’t Sweet

In Berkeley, a place where politics is rarely sweet, sugar is an especially bitter topic. Right now it’s the talk of the town – in the form of six conversations leading up to the vote on Measure D, a tax on sugary drinks on the November ballot.

11 September 2014 - MedicalXpress - Breast milk is brain food

You are what you eat, the saying goes, and now a study conducted by researchers at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Pittsburgh suggests that the oft-repeated adage applies not just to physical health but to brain power as well.


Researchers compared the fatty acid profiles of breast milk from women in over two dozen countries with how well children from those same countries did on academic tests.

02 September 2014 - BBC News - Brain 'can be trained to prefer healthy food'

The brain can be trained to prefer healthy food over unhealthy high-calorie foods, using a diet which does not leave people hungry, suggests a study from the US.

4 September 2014 - Nutraingredients - Omega-3 reduces anti-social behaviour in kids: Long term study

High-dose omega-3 supplementation can reduce anti-social behaviour in children - and alter parent attitudes - a 2-year study has found.

03 September 2014 - Nutraingredients - ‘Fish and algal oil are practical sources of DHA, but it’s premature to say if one is better’: GOED VP on new study

Supplements containing omega-3-rich algal oil were more effective at boosting DHA levels in omnivores than fish oil supplements, says a new open-label randomized pilot study with 31 healthy adults.

02 September 2014 - The Independent - Cows' milk for the lactose intolerant: The turning pint

Millions of people who believe they are lactose intolerant could return to cows' milk, according to research into a more gut-friendly version.

2 September 2014 - BMJ Blogs - Sally Norton: NHS hospitals—does a spoonful of sugar help the medicine go down?

At last, with health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s announcement of new measures being introduced to improve the standard of food in English hospitals, we may finally see better quality food in our hospitals.