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2 June 2014 - The Scotsman - Brits ‘clueless’ about which vegetables in season

Britons admit they are “pretty clueless” about when different foods are in season, with many unaware that they can buy British strawberries in summer and homegrown Brussels sprouts in December, a survey suggests.

28 May 2014 - Medical News Today - Has public opinion turned against sugary drinks?

Commentary in the BMJ backs a new health bill currently under consideration by the State of California, which would require the addition of health warning labels to sugary drinks and vending machines.

20 May 2014 - BBC - Olive oil and salad combined 'explain' Med diet success

The combination of olive oil and leafy salad or vegetables is what gives the Mediterranean diet its healthy edge, say scientists.

20 May 2014 - ScienceDaily - Testing paleo diet hypothesis in test tubes: Surprising relationships between diet and hormones that suppress eating

By comparing how gut microbes from human vegetarians and grass-grazing baboons digest different diets, researchers have shown that ancestral human diets, so called 'paleo' diets, did not necessarily result in better appetite suppression. The study reveals surprising relationships between diet and the release of hormones that suppress eating.

20 May 2014 - The Conversation - How your parents' diet before your birth impacts your health

Chromosomes and genes contain the blueprint for your physical characteristics. But your parents' health and diet before you were conceived can also affect how your genes are expressed – and impact your long-term health.

19 May 2014 - MedicalXpress - Chronic insufficient sleep increases obesity, overall body fat in children

One of the most comprehensive studies of the potential link between reduced sleep and childhood obesity finds compelling evidence that children who consistently received less than the recommended hours of sleep during infancy and early childhood had increases in both obesity and in adiposity or overall body fat at age 7

19 May 2014 - medicalnewstoday - Sugar implicated in cardiovascular disease risk independent of weight gain

Researchers from New Zealand's University of Otago have uncovered evidence that sugar has a direct effect on risk factors for heart disease, and is likely to impact on blood pressure, independent of weight gain.

19 May 2014 - MedicalXpress - Can chemicals produced by gut microbiota affect children with autism?

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have significantly different concentrations of certain bacterial-produced chemicals, called metabolites, in their feces compared to children without ASD. This research, presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, provides further evidence that bacteria in the gut may be linked to autism

16 May 2014 - ScienceDaily - Transgenic mice produce both omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids on carbohydrate diet

A transgenic mouse has been developed that synthesizes both the omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids within its tissues on a diet of carbohydrates or saturated fats. Significant evidence suggest that the ratio of dietary omega-6 to omega-3 has important implications for human health, further increasing interest in the development of foods rich in omega-3s

14 May 2014 - MedicalXpress - Depression top cause of illness in world's teens, WHO says

Depression top cause of illness in world's teens, WHO says

14 May 2014 - The Guardian - Too much sugar, salt and fat: healthy eating still eluding many Britons

Public Health England highlights sugary teen diet and national struggle with fruit and vegetables revealed in nutrition survey

22 May 2014 - FAB Researchers present at the Dieticians of Canada Omega-3 Symposium, Toronto

The last five years have seen a flurry of exciting new developments in the area of omega-3 fatty acids for optimal human health.

11th May 2014 - The Guardian - Sugar is the real enemy, not fat itself, says film targeting obesity

US documentary calls for laws to limit consumption of harmful sweeteners hidden in 'healthy' food

8 May 2014 - Medicalxpress - Gluten-free diet reduces risk of type 1 diabetes in mice

New experiments on mice show, that mouse mothers can protect their pups from developing type 1 diabetes by eating a gluten-free diet. According to preliminary studies by reseachers at the University of Copenhagen, the findings may apply to humans.

5 May 2014 - The Post & Courier - MUSC embarks on $9.8 million study to see if Omega-3s curb suicides in veterans

New hope for lowering suicide rates in military veterans may lie not in a new drug but in a promising super food supplement: omega-3 fatty acids.

30 April 2014 - BBC News - Pre-pregnancy diet 'permanently influences baby's DNA'

A mother's diet around the time of conception can permanently influence her baby's DNA, research suggests.

26 April 2014 - BBC News - Weight loss: Is the secret in your bacteria?

The search for the most successful way to shed the pounds seems never-ending. Now researchers in China have looked at what impact gut bacteria have on people's weight.

25 April 2014 - Food Navigator - Children's TV viewing habits linked to 'junk food' consumption

There is a correlation between children's TV screen time and higher consumption of sweetened beverages and 'junk foods' says new Swedish research.