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4 Aug 2013 - The Observer - Isn't it time we got to grips with Big Sugar

Excess sugar in our diets is causing obesity and diabetes. Now is the time for tough legislation to regulate the food industry

29 July 2013 - Medical Xpress - Diets lacking omega-3s lead to anxiety, hyperactivity in teens

Diets lacking omega-3 fatty acids—found in foods like wild fish, eggs, and grass-fed livestock—can have worsened effects over consecutive generations, especially affecting teens, according to a University of Pittsburgh study.

23 July 2013 - Medscape - Low Omega-3 Linked to Behaviour, Cognitive Deficits

Blood concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids in school-aged children in the United Kingdom (UK) are well below the minimum recommended for good cardiovascular health in adults, according to a new study.

22 July 2013 - ScienceDaily - Breastfed Children Are Less Likely to Develop ADHD Later in Life, Study Suggests

We know that breastfeeding has a positive impact on child development and health -- including protection against illness. Now researchers from Tel Aviv University have shown that breastfeeding may also help protect against Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the most commonly diagnosed neurobehavioral disorder in children and adolescents.

22 July 2013 - ScienceDaily - Teen Eating Disorders Increase Suicide Risk

Is binge eating a tell-tale sign of suicidal thoughts? According to a new study of African American girls, by Dr. Rashelle Musci and colleagues from the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University in the US, those who experience depressive and anxious symptoms are often dissatisfied with their bodies and more likely to display binge eating behaviors. These behaviors put them at higher risk for turning their emotions inward, in other words, displaying internalizing symptoms such as suicide.

18 July 2013 - Nutraingredients - Food industry has important role in preventing cognitive decline and diabetes risk, warns expert

The food industry must continue to innovate new food products that help consumers with pre-diabetes and glucose intolerance to reverse their long term risk of diabetes and dementia, according to Professor Louise Dye.

15 July 2013 - NHS Choices - Eating oily fish may lower anxiety when pregnant

”Eating fish during pregnancy can help reduce feelings of anxiety ahead of giving birth,” advises The Daily Telegraph. The story is based on research which asked more than 9,500 pregnant women about their diets and their levels of anxiety.

13 July 2013 - ALSPAC - Lack of fish in diet linked to anxiety in pregnancy

Women who do not eat fish during pregnancy are more likely to experience high levels of anxiety at that time.

12 July 2013 - Gov UK - The School Food Plan

A plan of action designed to improve the quality and take-up of school food and put the kitchen at the heart of school life is published.

8 July 2013 - Daily Mail - Do new mums REALLY need a £99 test on the quality of their breast milk? University offers to report levels of omega 3

Breastfeeding will not only provide your baby with all the nutrients it needs, but could also boost their social mobility, as reported recently in the British Medical Journal.

3 July 2013 - The Telegraph - Scurvy returns among children with diets 'worse than in the war'

Wartime diseases are returning to Britain because some children are living on junk food diets that are worse for them than rationing was 70 years ago, officials have claimed.

3 July 2013 - Nutraingredients - Sweetened milk consumption 'undermines' child diet quality, says Harvard expert

The industry-encouraged consumption of sweetened, reduced-fat, flavoured milk by children as an alternative to plain whole milk 'undermines diet quality', a Harvard paediatric health expert has claimed.

3 July 2013 - Nutraingredients - Autism linked to decreased microbe diversity in the gut: Study

The diversity of beneficial bacteria in our guts may be associated with the development of autism, according to the first comprehensive analysis of children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

2 July 2013 - Nutraingredients - Breast is better? EU project finds infant nutrition can affect later obesity

Long term EU-funded research with 1000+ EU-based children has found 'early nutrition programming' can deliver significant benefits later in life - including big reductions in obesity.

2 July 2013 - Medscape - Refined carbs may trigger food addiction

Consumption of a meal that has a high glycemic index (GI) appears to stimulate key brain regions related to craving and reward, a finding that supports the controversial hypothesis of food addiction, new research suggests.

2 July 2013 - Eating Healthy Fats During Pregnancy Linked to Decreased Autism Rates; Omega-3 Fatty Acid Beneficial Until Threshold

Healthy fats, which can be found in fish, seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils, may reduce a woman's risk of having a child with autism.