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26 February 2015 - Foodnavigator - UK sugar industry sales drop by 14%

Sales dropped to £298m (€338m) in 2014 and coincided with findings that nearly half of British consumers had shied away from sugar that year.

Widely used food additive promotes colitis, obesity and metabolic syndrome, research shows

Emulsifiers, which are added to most processed foods to aid texture and extend shelf life, can alter the gut microbiota composition and localization to induce intestinal inflammation that promotes the development of inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic syndrome, new research shows.

Diet May Be As Important To Mental Health As It Is To Physical Health

We know that food affects the body -- but could it just as powerfully impact the mind?

24 February 2015 - EurekAlert - Too many food choices exacerbate the battle against obesity, researchers find

Nurture, not nature, could be a larger issue when dealing with the obesity epidemic.

24 February 2015 - The Conversation - Here’s a better alternative to food banks – subsidised national kitchens

We live in a time of overabundant food production. Despite this, almost a billion people go hungry every day.

24 February 2015 - ScienceDaily - Patients with mental illness less likely to receive diet, exercise advice

Many patients with mental illness, even those at high risk for diabetes and other diseases, are not being counseled by health care providers to exercise or eat healthy, a recent studied has found.

23 February 2015 - ScienceDaily - Vitamin D deficiency linked more closely to diabetes than obesity

People who have low levels of vitamin D are more likely to have diabetes, regardless of how much they weigh, according to a new study.

21 February 2015 - MIA - “Transformational” Breakthroughs In Our Understandings of Nutrition and Brain Health

"We live in a transformational moment for understanding the etiology of mental disorders," stated a team of researchers led by MIA Blogger Bonnie Kaplan of the University of Calgary publishing in Clinical Psychological Science.

Want pizza, chocolate, French fries? Highly processed foods linked to addictive eating

A new study confirms what has long been suspected: highly processed foods like chocolate, pizza and French fries are among the most addictive.

20 February 2015 - MNT - Women with MS may 'have lower levels of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrients'

A new study finds that, compared with healthy individuals, women with multiple sclerosis may have lower intake of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients, including food folate, vitamin E and magnesium.

20 February 2015 - Foodnavigator - WHO unveils nutrient profiling to restrict marketing to kids

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has unveiled its nutrient profiling tool to restrict the marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks to children.

19 February 2015 - NewsWise - Diet Quality Declines Worldwide, but with Major Differences Across Countries

Data intended to inform dietary policies directed at reducing chronic disease, obesity rates

19 February 2015 - EurekAlert - New study helps explain links between sleep loss and diabetes

Lack of sleep can elevate levels of free fatty acids in the blood, accompanied by temporary pre-diabetic conditions in healthy young men, according to new research.

19 February 2015 - Reuters - Better night’s sleep may help kids with ADHD

Kids with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and sleep problems showed slight improvement in their symptoms after undergoing a behavioral sleep intervention, Australian researchers say.

18 February 2015 - ScienceDaily - Obesity series exposes 'unacceptably slow' progress in tackling soaring global obesity rates over last decade

Global progress towards tackling obesity has been "unacceptably slow," with only one in four countries implementing a policy on healthy eating up to 2010, according to a major new six-part Series on obesity, published in The Lancet.

18 February 2015 - MedicalXpress - Popular soda ingredient poses cancer risk to consumers, new study suggests

Public health researchers have analyzed soda consumption data in order to characterize people's exposure to a potentially carcinogenic byproduct of some types of caramel color.

18 February 2015 - Globalresearch - Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ a Mental Disorder

In an attempt to curb the mass rush for food change and reform, psychiatry has green lighted a public relations push to spread awareness about their new buzzword “orthorexia nervosa,” defined as “a pathological obsession for biologically pure and healthy nutrition.” In other words, experts are saying that our demand for nutrient-dense, healthful food is a mental disorder that must be treated.

17 February 2015 - MNT - Eat more fiber to boost weight loss, study suggests

Increasing fiber consumption could be a simple change to aid with weight loss and boost other areas of health, according to a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.