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12 November 2008 - BBC News - Ministers agree food colour ban

Ministers have agreed that six artificial food colourings should be phased out after research found a link with hyperactivity in children.

11 November 2008 - New Book - Bad Science by Ben Goldacre

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16 September 2008 - BBC News - Can Nutrients Improve Behaviour?

One thousand young offenders from three prisons in England and Scotland are being recruited for a major trial to see if nutritional supplements can improve behaviour.

15 September 2008 - The Times - Scotland's Poor Health 'caused by a lack of sunshine'

A national campaign to persuade every Scot to take daily supplements of vitamin D is needed if the country's appalling health record is to be reversed, leading scientists believe.

25 February 2008 - The Food Magazine - Give artificial colours the red card

Research has confirmed a link between certain food additives and hyperactivity. Anna Glayzer investigates the use of these in children's medicines.

29 January 2008 - BBC News - Fish oil: A cure for young offenders?

A major trial is to be launched to see whether giving young offenders nutritional supplements reduces anti-social behaviour in prison. Its authors believe this could prove a seminal piece of research with major implications for the criminal justice system.

12 November 2007 - BBC News - Drugs for ADHD 'not the answer'

Treating children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with drugs is not effective in the long-term, research has shown.

6 November 2007 - BBC News - Gene 'links breastfeeding to IQ'

The advantages of breastfeeding for IQ depend on genetic differences in children's ability to metabolise dietary omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

19 September 2007 - Omega-3 Centre - Australian kids in dire need of more Omega-3s

A NEW report released today has found Australian children should be consuming more fish and other foods rich in long chain omega-3s to increase their intake by as much as five times their current level.

6 September 2007 - The Times - Food additives make children behave badly

Britain's food watchdog is warning all parents today of a clear link between additives and hyperactive behaviour in children.

6 September 2007 - The Telegraph - Parents warned about artificial food additives

Parents were told by a Government watchdog that their children may be at risk from fizzy drinks and processed foods that contain artificial additives.