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16 February 2007 - The Scotsman - Studies find kids do better when pregnant mum eats fish

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Children of mothers who ate more fish and other seafood while pregnant are smarter and have better developmental skills than kids of women who ate less or none, researchers said on Thursday in findings they called surprising.

16 February 2007 - The Times - Fish-diet mothers have brighter children

Women who eat fish during pregnancy have brighter children, according to a study.

15 February 2007 - BBC News - Fish in pregnancy benefits baby

Eating fish and seafood during pregnancy has long-lasting benefits for the child, a UK study has suggested.

3 January 2007 - Reuters - Jury still out on fish oil for depression

Though some research has suggested that fish oil may fight depression, the evidence from clinical trials is too mixed to draw any conclusions, according to a new research review.

17 October 2006 - BBC News - Benefits of fish 'outweigh risks'

The benefits of eating fish outweigh any potential health risks from pollutants, a study has concluded.

27 Sept 2006 - The Guardian - Grease is the word

The British public is belatedly waking up to dangers of trans fats - the cheap, chemically treated oils that lurk unlabelled in many processed foods. Alex Renton investigates the ingredient viewed with suspicion even by the junk food-loving Americans

26 June 2006 - BBC News - Rickets rises among city's young

Young children in Bradford are being given free vitamin D after research showed a rise in the number of cases of the bone disorder rickets in the city.

19 June 2006 - Times Online - Winston's 'clever milk' campaign under fire

LORD WINSTON, the broadcaster and fertility doctor, has been accused by leading nutritionists of making unsubstantiated health claims about a new brand of milk as part of a £2m advertising campaign. Sarah-Kate Templeton, Medical Correspondent, reports:

19 June 2006 - Times Online - Junk medicine: Omega-3 hype

The prospect of a pill that can calm a disruptive child and improve intelligence has obvious appeal for parents. Those who read certain headlines this week could be forgiven for believing that such a concoction is with us. "Fish oil for every child," said the Daily Mail, declaring that "brain food supplements" of omega-3 fatty acids could soon be handed out in schools. Mark Henderson reports:

11 June 2006 - The Independent - Brain food: Why the Government wants your child to take Omega-3, the fish oil supplement

A tiny daily capsule can have a dramatic effect on pupils who usually play up in class, improving behaviour and work. Now all youngsters may be given them. Marie Woolf and Jeremy Laurance report

7 June 2006 - The Daily Mail - Which fish oil brands are best for children?

Research proves fish oil tablets can boost your child's brainpower - but how do you persuade fussy youngsters to take them? Here, an expert rates the top brands...and our junior panel give their taste verdict: