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17 October 2006 - BBC News - Benefits of fish 'outweigh risks'

The benefits of eating fish outweigh any potential health risks from pollutants, a study has concluded.

27 Sept 2006 - The Guardian - Grease is the word

The British public is belatedly waking up to dangers of trans fats - the cheap, chemically treated oils that lurk unlabelled in many processed foods. Alex Renton investigates the ingredient viewed with suspicion even by the junk food-loving Americans

26 June 2006 - BBC News - Rickets rises among city's young

Young children in Bradford are being given free vitamin D after research showed a rise in the number of cases of the bone disorder rickets in the city.

19 June 2006 - Times Online - Winston's 'clever milk' campaign under fire

LORD WINSTON, the broadcaster and fertility doctor, has been accused by leading nutritionists of making unsubstantiated health claims about a new brand of milk as part of a £2m advertising campaign. Sarah-Kate Templeton, Medical Correspondent, reports:

19 June 2006 - Times Online - Junk medicine: Omega-3 hype

The prospect of a pill that can calm a disruptive child and improve intelligence has obvious appeal for parents. Those who read certain headlines this week could be forgiven for believing that such a concoction is with us. "Fish oil for every child," said the Daily Mail, declaring that "brain food supplements" of omega-3 fatty acids could soon be handed out in schools. Mark Henderson reports:

11 June 2006 - The Independent - Brain food: Why the Government wants your child to take Omega-3, the fish oil supplement

A tiny daily capsule can have a dramatic effect on pupils who usually play up in class, improving behaviour and work. Now all youngsters may be given them. Marie Woolf and Jeremy Laurance report

7 June 2006 - The Daily Mail - Which fish oil brands are best for children?

Research proves fish oil tablets can boost your child's brainpower - but how do you persuade fussy youngsters to take them? Here, an expert rates the top brands...and our junior panel give their taste verdict:

24 March 2006 - BBC News - Doubts cast on oily fish benefit (in heart disease and cancer)

There is no evidence of a clear benefit to health from fats which are commonly found in oily fish, researchers say.

21 April 2006 - BBC News - Child obesity 'doubles in decade'

Childhood obesity in England has doubled in 10 years, figures show.

2 March 2006 - BBC News - School snack ban plans proposed

Measures which would see the sale of fizzy drinks and unhealthy snacks banned in schools have been set out by a nutrition advisory body.

20 January 2006 - BBC News - Berries 'help prevent dementia'

Compounds in the common British blackcurrant could help prevent Alzheimer's disease, research suggests. A study shows blackcurrants and their US cousins, boysenberries, are full of potentially beneficial anti-oxidant compounds.