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14 March 2011 - Reuters - Omega-3s linked to less age-related vision loss

Women who get lots of omega-3 fatty acids are less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an eye disease affecting millions of older adults in the U.S.

7 March 2011 - BBC Radio 4 - Steep Rise in Autism

New research has discovered high incidences of autism in Silicon Valley and Cambridge in the UK, sometimes known as Silicon Fen

18 Feb 2011 - Nutraingedients - Omega-3 may improve depression measures for seniors: Study

Daily supplements of omega-3 fatty acids may improve measures of depression in seniors with mild to moderate depression, according to new findings from Iran.

8 Feb 2011 - BBC News - Healthy diet 'boosts childhood IQ'

Eating chips, chocolate and cake may be damaging to a child's intelligence, according to researchers at Bristol University.

Do Gut Bugs Practice Mind Control?

Are you a worrier? Low on energy? You might be able to blame your state of mind on the bugs in your gut.

(Maternal) Diets Low In Omega-3 Linked to Depressive Behavior In Mice

New research shows why some individuals deficient in beneficial fatty acids might be more prone to mood disorders

Fast Food Advertising - Study begins to unlock the development of child taste preferences

Children's knowledge and consumption of fast food has a significant impact on their palate and preference for foods that are high in added sugars, salt and fats, according to new research.

26 Jan 2011 - Science Daily - Eating Poorly Can Make You Blue: Trans-Fats Increase Risk of Depression, While Olive Oil Helps Avoid Risk

Researchers from the universities of Navarra and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have demonstrated that the ingestion of trans-fats and saturated fats increase the risk of suffering depression, and that olive oil, on the other hand, protects against this mental illness.

8 Dec 2010 - PR Newswire - Omega 3 Supplements Show Promise in Alleviating Depression

A new analysis of the effects of omega-3 essential fatty acids offers the hope of enhanced treatment options for tens of millions of people with depression.

27 Nov 2010 - The Lancet - McPolicy: bringing you the Big Mac society

If you were a UK Health Secretary faced with soaring rates of obesity, alcohol misuse, and diet-related diseases, what would you do? Were you to take an evidence-based approach, you might consider minimum pricing per unit of alcohol and restrictions on its availability. You might look at toughening the regulation of how the least healthy foods are marketed to children. You could even demand that manufacturers reformulate their least healthy products to meet minimum nutritional standards. Or you could, if your name was Andrew Lansley, dismiss all of the above and instead invite representatives

How eating oily fish can prevent you going blind

A diet rich in oily fish could hold the key to preventing blindness among thousands of the elderly, research has found.