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2 March 2006 - BBC News - School snack ban plans proposed

Measures which would see the sale of fizzy drinks and unhealthy snacks banned in schools have been set out by a nutrition advisory body.

Berries 'help prevent dementia'

Compounds in the common British blackcurrant could help prevent Alzheimer's disease, research suggests. A study shows blackcurrants and their US cousins, boysenberries, are full of potentially beneficial anti-oxidant compounds.

New reports link mental ill-health to changing diets

As new figures show that mental ill-health is costing the UK almost £100 billion a year, evidence released today by the Mental Health Foundation and Sustain reveals that changes to the human diet in the last fifty years or so could be an important factor behind the major rise of mental ill-health in the UK.

BBC News - Mental health link to diet change

Changes to diets over the last 50 years may be playing a key role in the rise of mental illness, a study says.

Horizon - Could Fish Make My Child Smart?

Scientists once got sacked for suggesting oily fish was good for you. Now all and sundry are hailing it as a panacea.

03 October 2005 - Harvard Medical School - Fish Consumption by Pregnant Women May Increase Cognitive Ability in Infants

Report in Environmental Health Perspectives finds health benefits, but concerns remain about mercury levels

07 September 2005 - The Independent - Go to school on an egg

The right foods can improve reading skills and even increase IQ. Jane Feinmann picks out the ingredients that will boost brain power and give your child a head start in class

10 August 2005 - BBC - The Great Food Divide

The stark reality is that living in poverty more often than not leads to poor diet and people dying younger.