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BBC News - Mental health link to diet change

Changes to diets over the last 50 years may be playing a key role in the rise of mental illness, a study says.

Horizon - Could Fish Make My Child Smart?

Scientists once got sacked for suggesting oily fish was good for you. Now all and sundry are hailing it as a panacea.

03 October 2005 - Harvard Medical School - Fish Consumption by Pregnant Women May Increase Cognitive Ability in Infants

Report in Environmental Health Perspectives finds health benefits, but concerns remain about mercury levels

07 September 2005 - The Independent - Go to school on an egg

The right foods can improve reading skills and even increase IQ. Jane Feinmann picks out the ingredients that will boost brain power and give your child a head start in class

10 August 2005 - BBC - The Great Food Divide

The stark reality is that living in poverty more often than not leads to poor diet and people dying younger.

The Guardian - Why it's time we faced fats

New research establishes a link between nutrition and the management of many behaviour and learning disorders. Felicity Lawrence investigates

Children's diet link to disorders

Study shows dramatic effect of fish oil supplement