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10 April 2005 - The Observer - What your children should eat

The good mood diet for optimum health

What not to feed your child

by Andrew Purvis

Parkinson's risk 'cut by dieting'

Eating a low calorie diet may help to reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease, research suggests.

BBC Website - Are we emotionally what we eat?

Negative emotions can send us rushing to the biscuit tin or hiding our horrors in a tub of ice-cream - with up to 43% of people using food to alter their mood, according to a survey by the Priory Clinic.

BBC Website - 'Ban artificial food colourings'

Artificial food colourings should be banned in the interest of public health, say UK experts.

2 December 2003 - BBC Website: Vitamins 'help treat depression'

Vitamin B supplements may help people to fight depression, research suggests.

Diet can ease problem behaviours

Fatty acids found in many common foods may help to treat children with dyslexia and behavioural problems, say scientists.