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Why COVID makes it more important than ever that pregnant (and breastfeeding) women take vitamin D

This winter, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, make sure you take the correct dose of vitamin D – for both you and your baby.

New free resources launched to help children eat more vegetables

Children's acceptance of vegetables can be boosted purely through increasing visual familiarity, and therefore this project's aim is to build on this research, while developing a series of accessible resources to help parents introduce more vegetables to their children.

Removing this hidden nasty from our food could save thousands of lives

Banning harmful trans fatty acids from the Australian food supply could prevent thousands of deaths from heart disease according to new research.

Vitamin D levels during pregnancy linked with child IQ - AGAIN

Higher vitamin D levels among mothers during pregnancy may promote brain development and lead to higher childhood IQ scores

Diabetic nerve pain reduced with enzyme and vitamin combination

Daily supplementation with a combination of Superoxide Dismutase, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl LCarnitine, and Vitamin B12 (B12) can help improve with symptoms of diabetic nerve damage, according to a new study

Artificially sweetened drinks may not be heart healthier than sugary drinks

This study suggests that sugary drinks and artificially sweetened beverages are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Evidence found of link between gut microbe deficiency and autism spectrum disorder

This study suggests that ASD likely develops in children due to a gut microbiome impact on the detoxification process in the gut.

Kid influencers are promoting junk food brands on YouTube—garnering more than a billion views

Parents may not realize that kid influencers are often paid by food companies to promote unhealthy food and beverages in their videos. This study is the first to quantify the extent to which junk food product placements appear in YouTube videos from kid influencers

Plant compound reduces cognitive deficits in mouse model of Down syndrome

The findings in this study raise the possibility that a treatment to lessen the cognitive deficits seen in Down syndrome could be offered to pregnant women whose fetuses have been diagnosed with Down syndrome

Study: Maternal vitamin D deficiency could impair baby's cognitive development

Vitamin D deficiency rates in pregnancy are high and could lead to worse performance in cognitive and language skills for the baby, according to a new study

Preventing respiratory tract infections with food

Which foods can prevent respiratory tract infections, or reduce their duration, in children and adults?

ADHD is related to high-sugar, unhealthy diets

Is there is a link between ADHD and dietary habits?

More turkey dinners for people with celiac disease?

An international team of researchers has found that tryptophan, an amino acid present in high amounts in turkey, may help people with coeliac disease heal and respond better to a gluten-free diet

Scholars link obesity and disease to dramatic dietary changes

Are obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses and more the result of a "mismatch" between the meals we eat and the foods our bodies are prepared for?

Exercise and nutrition regimen benefits physical, cognitive health

Can exercise and nutrition improve cognition?

High fructose intake may drive aggressive behaviors, ADHD and bipolar disorder

Excessive sugar intake may cause impulsive behavior associated with ADHD, bipolar disorder and even aggression

Poor diet is top contributor to heart disease deaths globally

More than two-thirds of deaths from heart disease worldwide could be prevented with healthier diets.

The benefits of DHA & Choline for brain development and function - FOOD MATTERS LIVE

Listen to Dr Alex Richardson present a live webcast on the benefits of DHA & Choline for brain development and function at the Food Matters Live virtual conference on Wednesday 14th October at 13.00-13.30

Study underscores the gut-brain connection and shows hunger hormone impacts memory

A hormone that influences when and how frequently animals eat also appears to affect memory

Study examines effects of low-level lead exposure and alcohol consumption

Does developmental lead exposure increase motivation to consume alcohol?