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3 June 2019 - MedicalXpress - Brush your teeth - postpone Alzheimer's

Researchers have determined that gum disease (gingivitis) plays a decisive role in whether a person develops Alzheimer's or not.

3 June 2019 - Nutraingredients - Study finds vitamin E levels, physical activity, correlated with better cognitive performance in adolescents

Out of 120 school students analyzed by Saudi researchers, academic performance was higher for students classified as moderately or highly active physically. Serum levels of vitamin E were also higher in the more active students.

2 June 2019 - Psychology Today - Stress Eating Could Be Even Worse For Us Than We Think

Eating more calories when stressed may result in gaining more weight than eating the same amount under less stress.

31 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Could a Mediterranean diet and exercise reduce dementia risk?

Researchers are launching a new study to see whether eating a Mediterranean-style diet and being more active could improve brain function and reduce dementia risk.

30 May 2019 - BBC - Ultra-processed food linked to early death

Ultra-processed foods - such as chicken nuggets, ice cream and breakfast cereals - have been linked to early death and poor health, scientists say.

30 May 2019 - Science Daily - Gut bacteria's connections to human health, disease

Researchers have made an important advance in understanding the roles that gut bacteria play in human health.

30 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Does eating fruit and veg help your mental health?

Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables people eat lowers their risk of clinical depression, new research has found.

29 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Study finds red meat as part of a healthy diet linked to reduced risk of multiple sclerosis

People who consume unprocessed red meat as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet may reduce their risk of multiple sclerosis (MS), according to new research.

29 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - To treat an eating disorder, we need to know what emotion fuels it

Pinpointing how different emotional states and neural pathways influence our eating behaviours could pave the way for better ways to tackle eating disorders and obesity.

29 May 2019 - Nutraingredients - Mental health and the microbiome: Mixed findings over probiotics' anxiety impact — Review

With more research being conducted on the gut-brain axis, studies have reported that the gut microbiota plays an important part in regulating brain function.

28 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Is coffee good for you?

It's not exactly clear how extensive the health benefits of coffee are, since it has only tiny amounts of micronutrients, but the plant's bean contains a mix of bioactive compounds that offers healthy properties like antioxidants.

27 May 2019 - Questioning Answers - A gluten-free diet for "schizophrenia positive for antigliadin antibodies (AGA IgG)"

"Net result: encouraging findings with the need for more study; also with a nice focus on effect sizes too".

26 May 2019 - The Guardian - Top UK scientist urges people to take vitamin D supplements

Geneticist Steve Jones, formerly a sceptic, says the case for Vitamin D supplements is overwhelming

26 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Don't overdo omega-6 fat consumption during pregnancy

Omega-6 linoleic acid can promote inflammation and may be associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

23 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Pediatricians should encourage fish consumption for children

Fish and shellfish consumption should be encouraged for children, according to a technical report.

23 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Possible link between infant gut microbiome and development of allergies

Mouse-based research finds a possible link between the gut microbiome in infants and the development of allergies.

21 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Millions of Europeans at risk of chronic digestive diseases, new report reveals

Poor nutritional choices, including a high intake of ultra-processed foods and trans-fats, are putting millions of Europeans at an increased risk of a range of chronic digestive diseases, including digestive cancers, wheat related disorders and functional gastrointestinal disorders, as well as obesity, a new report shows.

20 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Adherence to Mediterranean diet and reduced risk of late-life depression

Maintaining a Mediterranean-type diet may protect against symptoms of depression in later life, according to new research.

20 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Anxiety might be alleviated by regulating gut bacteria

People who experience anxiety symptoms might be helped by taking steps to regulate the microorganisms in their gut using probiotic and non-probiotic food and supplements, suggests a new review of studies.

20 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Weight gain and loss may worsen dementia risk in older people

Older people who experience significant weight gain or weight loss could be raising their risk of developing dementia, new study suggests.