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ADHD is related to high-sugar, unhealthy diets

Is there is a link between ADHD and dietary habits?

More turkey dinners for people with celiac disease?

An international team of researchers has found that tryptophan, an amino acid present in high amounts in turkey, may help people with coeliac disease heal and respond better to a gluten-free diet

Scholars link obesity and disease to dramatic dietary changes

Are obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses and more the result of a "mismatch" between the meals we eat and the foods our bodies are prepared for?

Exercise and nutrition regimen benefits physical, cognitive health

Can exercise and nutrition improve cognition?

High fructose intake may drive aggressive behaviors, ADHD and bipolar disorder

Excessive sugar intake may cause impulsive behavior associated with ADHD, bipolar disorder and even aggression

Poor diet is top contributor to heart disease deaths globally

More than two-thirds of deaths from heart disease worldwide could be prevented with healthier diets.

The benefits of DHA & Choline for brain development and function - FOOD MATTERS LIVE

Listen to Dr Alex Richardson present a live webcast on the benefits of DHA & Choline for brain development and function at the Food Matters Live virtual conference on Wednesday 14th October at 13.00-13.30

Study underscores the gut-brain connection and shows hunger hormone impacts memory

A hormone that influences when and how frequently animals eat also appears to affect memory

Study examines effects of low-level lead exposure and alcohol consumption

Does developmental lead exposure increase motivation to consume alcohol?

Webinar - Latest in cutting edge research in Omega-3s

This FREE NutraIngredients-USA webinar will delve into the exciting area of the latest in cutting edge research in Omega-3s

Only 3% sugar cut out from food products in three years, PHE finds

It’s clear from this report that the food industry is unable or unwilling to reformulate voluntarily and it’s now time for a different approach

Sugary beverages consumed while breastfeeding affect cognitive development in children

What a mum eats and drinks during breastfeeding may influence their infant's brain development

Targeting the 'second brain' to fight diabetes

A "jammer" has been discovered that blocks communication between the gut and the brain, thus preventing proper regulation of sugar and causing insulin resistance in people with diabetes

Autism triggers nonverbal manifestation of GI symptoms in children

Could sensory sensitivity, aggression and sleep disorders be triggered or worsened by gastrointestinal symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorder?

Enhancing blood sugar control boosts brain health for people with type 2 diabetes

Can controlling blood sugar levels improve the ability to clearly think in Type 2 diabetic patients?

Study reveals dietary fructose heightens inflammatory bowel disease

A new study suggests that consumption of fructose may worsen intestinal inflammation common to inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

Curcumin and fish oil offer cognitive boost

Regular supplementation with either curcumin or fish oil can improve mood and memory.

Study: Habitual low fibre consumption in IBD exacerbates dysbiosis

Most patients with IBD habitually consume inadequate amounts of dietary fibre which may have negative effects on the gut microbiome and contribute to dysbiosis

World first study links obesity with reduced brain plasticity

New findings suggest that losing weight is particularly important for healthy brain aging or for recovery in people who suffer strokes or brain injuries, where learning is fundamental for recovery