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13 November 2019 - MedicalXpress - Cholesterol, fat profiles at birth linked to psychological health at age 5

Babies born with high levels of triglycerides and 'bad' cholesterol may face a heightened risk for social and psychological problems in childhood, says study.

Vitamin B12 deficiency linked to obesity during pregnancy

Vitamin B12 deficiency impairs fat metabolism and may be associated with obesity during pregnancy, according to new research.

12 November 2019 - Medscape - Environmental Contamination Linked to Neurologic Disorders

Airborne chemical contamination is a major environmental risk factor worldwide and contributes significantly to many diseases, including neurologic diseases.

12 November 2019 - Medscape - Vaginal Birth and Breastfeeding Linked to Less Allergy

"Pregnant women - especially those with allergies - should be aware that their diet during pregnancy can affect their child's chances of developing eczema and/or food allergies."

12 November 2019 - EurekAlert - Depression linked to nutrition in middle-aged and older Canadians

Your diet can put you at risk of depression, according to a new study. The study also found that the likelihood of depression is higher among middle-aged and older women who were immigrants to Canada when compared to Canadian-born women.

11 November 2019 - MedicalXpress - What do we know about the gut microbiota in Parkinson's disease?

Review: "Further research is still required to increase our understanding of the possible role of gut microbiota in Parkinson's Disease. It is important to emphasize that no microbiota-based treatment for PD exists to date."

New study suggests that anti-inflammatories can mitigate MDD symptoms

New study suggests that anti-inflammatories can mitigate Major Depressive Disorder symptoms

Researchers discover potential new treatment target for Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Alzheimer's

Elovanoids - bioactive chemical messengers made from omega-3 PUFAs - protect the brain and retina from neurodegenerative diseases like age-related macular degeneration and Alzheimer's.

7 November 2019 - Science Daily - Where does Parkinson's disease start? In the brain or gut? Or both?

Scientists hypothesize that PD can be divided into two subtypes: gut-first, originating in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) of the gut and spreading to the brain; and brain-first, originating in the brain, or entering the brain via the olfactory system, and spreading to the brainstem and peripheral nervous system.

Dodgy diet affects daytime drowsiness

Certain dietary imbalances - e.g. too much saturated fat, too many carbs - are associated with daytime drowsiness.

Child nutrition experts make case for fatty acid rethink in infant formula

The European Academy of Paediatrics and the Child Health Foundation recommend that breast milk substitutes should contain equal amounts of omega 3 and omega 6.

Study offers data-driven definition of unhealthy yet pervasive 'hyper-palatable' foods

Study identifies 'hyper-palatable' foods, the ones we tend to binge on. Surprise surprise - it's all the really bad ones. They identified three "clusters:" combinations of fat and sodium (such as hot dogs or bacon); combinations of fat and simple sugars (like cake, ice cream and brownies); and combinations of carbohydrates and sodium (such as crackers, pretzels and popcorn).

An Autoimmune Reaction to Gluten May Cause Childhood Anxiety

New research links markers for celiac disease with anxiety in children.

High waist circumference associated with elevated risk of obesity-related dementia

This study is the first large-scale cohort to examine the association of late-life waist circumference with the incidence of dementia in an older population.

Common Drugs Affect Composition, Function of the Gut Microbiome

Proton-pump inhibitors, metformin and several other commonly used drugs markedly alter the taxonomic structure and metabolic function as well as antibiotic-resistance genes in the gut microbiome.

4 November 2019 - The Conversation - For a sustainable future, we need to reconnect with what we’re eating – and each other

What would a democratic and sustainable food future look like? The authors of this article have developed three scenarios for sustainable food systems: technological, community-based, and educated.

Rise of Obesity in America: Should We Be Alarmed?

In 2018, for the first time, more than 35% of adults in 9 mostly southern US states - Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and West Virginia - were obese.

30 October 2019 - MedicalXpress - Avocados may help manage obesity, prevent diabetes

Avocatin B, a monounsaturated fat found only in avocados can inhibit cellular processes that normally lead to diabetes.

30 October 2019 - Helio - Parents of children with autism may benefit from diet interventions

Study finds that parental dietary intake and mealtime eating habits can contribute to disruptive behaviour associated with autism. The study was based on a survey for families living with autism, and included 21 questions regarding mealtime behaviour, feelings about mealtime behaviour, weight change and parent/caregiver dietary habits.

29 October 2019 - MedicalXpress - Drinking more water improves multitasking ability in children, study finds

Drinking water not only keeps children hydrated, but also increases their ability to multitask, suggests a new study.