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4 January 2017 - The Guardian - Sugar is the ‘alcohol of the child’, yet we let it dominate the breakfast table

There’s a reason that the World Health Organisation and the United States Department of Agriculture have provided upper limits of sugar – because dietary sugar fries your kids’ liver and brain; just like alcohol.

3 Jan 2017 - The Guardian - Children consume half of daily sugar quota at breakfast - study

Public Health England launches barcode app after finding that under-10s consume three times the recommended limit

16 December 2016 - IBDNewsToday - A Single Gene Variant, Once an Evolutionary Edge, Now Seen to Promote Diseases Like IBD

An alteration in a single gene, the Fads1 gene, may determine the risk for certain diseases, including inflammatory syndromes like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The study tracing the gene in human evolution and its effects was published in the journal Nucleic Acids Research.