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Dealing with Difficult Eaters: How to Stop Mealtimes Turning into Battlegrounds

Author: Holli Smith; Sally Child; Dr Sandi Mann

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Published 15 June 2009 - pre-order at Amazon using the link below.

In many households, dinner time is more like a battlefield than a time of family bonding. The struggle to get your child to eat properly can be harrowing, and eventually you probably give in. This guide provides tips and advice to ensure your child gets the nutrition they need, without the fuss. It covers all eating issues parents may have with their children from overeating to food intolerance and special dietary needs and discusses how to set up healthy eating habits. Advice is given on how to set the right parameters in place, and the difference leading by example can make. Sympathetically and informally written, this book could change mealtimes in your house forever.