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No More Ritalin: Treating ADHD without Drugs

Author: Mary Ann Block

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No More Ritalin


The author of this book is both a medical doctor and a parent. She became a doctor after her own child was prescribed various medications which not only failed to alleviate her symptoms, but appeared to cause serious health problems.

In this book she provides very clear, sensible and straightforward information that it can be difficult to obtain elsewhere. She points out that treating the problems requires identifying the underlying *causes* of 'ADHD', which can include hypoglycaemia, hyperthyroidism, allergies and other environmental factors. Illustrated with case histories from her own clinic, this book provides valuable information for both parents and professionals.

Customer Reviews from Amazon

  • This book is a must read to all parents before putting their kids on ritalin. It gave me so many more options other than drugs. We talked to doctors and tried some of the options and it's working without ritalin. Thanks for the info.
  • If your child's doctor has diagnosed him/her with ADD/ADHD then this book is for you. Dr Block gives excellent alternatives to the causes of the symptoms that doctors are "diagnosing" as ADD/ADHD. I feel better equipped to find the causes for my son's symptoms rather than putting him on Ritalin as a quick fix. I highly recommend this book to frustated parents everywhere.
  • I had both of my sons on ritalin, but after I read this book I took my kids off the drug. Everyone should know there are alternatives to drug therapy. I am now activily trying to find allergens that can be causing my sons to display add symptoms. I have found that sugar in one of my sons causes his writing and thought pattern to worsen. It is a wonderful book. 
  • My daughter has ADHD and I am totaly against prescribing drugs to anyone, but even more so to young children. Dr Block's book is a masterpiece and an important tool for ALL parents, even if their child does not have ADHD. Reading it restored my faith that there are doctors out there who care about more than making money. Her extensive research and life's work should serve as an inspiration to us all. She explains everything in very simple terms, that everyone can understand, and then backs it up with an impresive bibliography. Her beleif that we need to desolve the roots of the problem and cure our children, is something that most doctors have seemed to have forgoten. They would rather use drugs to treat only the symptoms, and then prescribe more drugs to treat the side-effects from the first drug. It is about time that someone stands up for our health. I sincerely feel that every doctor should read this book and have copies of it in their waiting room.