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Nora's Dinners (foreword by Jamie Oliver)

Author: Nora Sands

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Tired of all the junk food your children are eating? Want them to help out in the kitchen? Nora's Dinners is a new generation cookbook to inspire 7-12-year-olds to cook healthy food, focusing on teaching basic cookery skills and having fun.

Nora Sands is the outrageous, loveable, no-nonsense dinner lady who shot to fame in Jamie Oliver's TV series, 'Jamie's School Dinners'. Armed with newfound confidence and an ingredients list she couldn't pronounce, Nora is passionate about getting kids confident about cooking at home, rather than relying on unhealthy and unsociable ready-meals. Her recipes draw on her favourite childhood foods, meals she prepared with her own children, and the foods she discovered while working with Jamie. Nora's Dinners is full of recipes for delicious (and well-balanced) breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Plus, fun options for tasty treats. And Jamie Oliver himself provides a foreword.

With special "pick 'n' mix" sections featured throughout, kids can invent their own creations and customise their meals using a basic recipe, like pizza with exciting and healthy toppings, or colourful, delicious salad (yes, they will eat it). The emphasis is on learning different cooking techniques, eating a balanced (but never boring) diet, having fun, and getting friends and family involved.

Peppered with wonderful and often hilarious anecdotes, this is a book written specifically for kids. Although some recipes require adult help or supervision, children will be able to follow each recipe themselves. The introduction outlines basic nutrition, safety & food hygiene, and cooking techniques in language geared to get kids learning. Instructions throughout are kept simple, with the absolute beginner in mind.

So put your feet up - the kids are making dinner tonight!

Contents of this book include: Foreword by Jamie Oliver; Nora's Introduction; Tools and Equipment; Cooking Techniques; Making Friends with Vegetables, Herbs, Spices; Food Safety and Hygiene; Healthy Eating; Breakfast; Snacks and Salads; Lunch; Dinner; Cakes and Puddings.