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Was It Something You Ate?: Food Intolerance: What Causes It and How to Avoid It

Author: John Emsley & Peter Fell

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Was It Something You Ate?

Very few people are allergic to food, but most of us suffer adverse effects when we eat certain things. The reason is that our body is intolerant of particular chemicals, and it reacts to them as if we were being poisoned. We then experience a variety of symptoms such as stomach ache, headache, sweating, skin rashes, diarrhoea, palpitations, and vomiting.

When several of these affect us at one time they are likely to indicate that we are suffering from food intolerance and this is what the book is all about. If we can identify which components of our diet are likely to cause intolerance, then we can make sure we don't take in too much at one meal and so provoke the body to react. Human metabolism has developed to cope with small amounts of all kinds of non-nutrients in our food, even some that are highly toxic. What it cannot cope with are large amounts, and for sensitive people even relatively small amounts can trigger the body to over-react. This is why the same meal can affect people in very different ways.

This book should be of interest to anyone who experiences some kind of discomfort when they have eaten certain foods. It should enable them to identify the likely cause and what foods are to blame. The book also offers advice on diet and health.