Food and Behaviour Research

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FAB Research Conferences, Events and CPD

Date: 2013


FAB Research has been running professional conferences regularly since 2003 and is recognised nationally and internationally by Education and Health professionals, Private Sector organisations, the general public and the media, as a provider of reliable, evidence-based information. Each event has provided an opportunity to hear the latest scientific evidence on how diet can affect behaviour, learning ability, mood and mental wellbeing, and to find out what you can do to improve matters.


The conference speakers are not only experts in their respective fields, but are also highly skilled and experienced at communicating the latest research and its implications to professionals and the general public, as well as to academic or specialist audiences.


FAB Research is open to engaging in relationships with other organizations (both commercial and non-commercial) to help the charity to fulfill its mission. However, any such collaborations, joint activities and all sponsored events or programmes must conform to FAB Research’s mission, values and priorities, and to our guidelines, terms and conditions which you can view here.

Can we help with your event?

If you are running a suitable event in your school or within your organisation, perhaps we can help by providing a speaker or helping to promote your event among our mailing list.  Please get in touch with on 01296 706445 to discuss further.

Continuing Professional Development

FAB Research is an accredited provider of Continuing Professional Deveopment to the General Teaching Council for Scotland and is listed on their National Register as such.

CPD is intended to support teachers and to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to keep pace with the rapidly changing educational and professional environment. CPD opportunities should address development needs, maximise strengths and enable teachers to meet the challenges of teaching in the 21st Century.

Details of our CPD course for professionals working in education can be found here.

A similar programme can be adapted to suit professionals working in health and social services.  Please contact us on 01296 706445 to discuss further.