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Diet, Behaviour and Learning - a virtual conference

FE Training and Consultancy

Web URL: Visit the conference website for further details

Start Date: 18 April 2005

End Date: 31 December 2005

Duration Once the forum has begun, there is no fixed closing date to the discussions.

Location This is a virtual conference, held online. Speakers are recorded, information emailed and delegates

Venue Open to anyone with Internet Access

Contributions from
- Dr. Alex Richardson, Senior Research Fellow, University Lab of Physiology, Oxford.
- Professor Michael Crawford, Director, Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition,
London Metropolitan University
- Dr Bernard Gesch, Senior Research Scientist, University Lab of Physiology, Oxford.
- Sally Bunday, Founding Director of the UK Hyperactive Children's Support Group.
- Professional caterers, teachers and parents and other interested parties.

Conference aims:

  • To enquire whether the effect of diet on behaviour and learning is sufficiently well established to inform educational policy and practice
  • To identify reliable sources of information to which educators can refer with confidence
  • To explore the practicality of adopting practices which would significantly affect student diet, to the extent that such changes would also affect behaviour and learning
  • To examine case studies and investigate good practice from comparable Institutions, including sources of project work to focus student attention on managing their diet and behaviour
Contact Information: Paul Eustice 01903 529084