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25 March 2013 - FoodNavigator - 'Mindless eating' in Britain spells opportunity for industry, says National Obesity Forum

by Kacey Culliney

Research that suggests Britons consume 43% more than they should each year spells opportunity for dietetic products, the National Obesity Forum Chair says

Research suggests that on average consumers in Britain eat 1,270kg of food a year - 384kg more than needed.

Consumers are 'mindlessly-eating' with an awareness of only 15 out of 220 possible food choices a day.

'Fatty spreads' like butter and types of margarine are the biggest offender of over-consumption with the average Brit eating seven times more than the recommended amount on a weekly basis.

Consumers also eat four times too much meat, three times too many biscuits and cakes and twice the amount of bread recommended each week.

Fruit and vegetable consumption is below what is needed with Britons eating 69% less fruit and 75% less vegetables.

Chair of the National Obesity Forum Professor David Haslam said these findings, while a little selective, outline a big opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers.

Haslam said manufacturers have an important role to play in the battle against obesity and overconsumption in Britain as well as a level of responsibility.  However, he added that industry action only contributed a part of a broader solution that must involve everyone.