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4 Jan 2013 - The Times - Fat and sugar are just as deadly as cigarettes

by Camilla Cavendish

Britain is second only to America for obesity. Relying on education alone has failed – now we must ban trans fats


Unfortunately we cannot post the entire article for copyright reasons, but subscribers to the Times can read the full article here.

We are also delighted to announce that we have invited Professor Robert Lustig to the UK to take part in a special symposium at Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, London, on Tuesday 12th March, along with Dr Alex Richardson who is also quoted in this article, and other leading experts.  Full details can be found on our event page below:

Sugar, Fat and the Public Health Crisis - A Symposium with Professor Robert Lustig MD 

Also, please see:

Professor Robert Lustig MD

See also: Fat Chance: The bitter truth about sugar by Robert Lustig. Released 3 Jan 2013 - purchase your hard copy or download to your Kindle via our Amazon links.

Britain is getting bigger: and not in a good way. We’re biggest in Wales, apparently, where I have just spent a few days visiting a sick relative in a hospital groaning under the burden of overweight patients and staff. I felt like the Ancient Mariner, wanting to grab some and say: “Don’t you realise you’re heading for an early death?” Diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer: all we’ve done, it seems, is to replace the miserable diseases of smoking with the grim diseases of obesity.