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BBC News - How we became addicted to sugar

We are swamped by sugar. It has crept into all areas of our daily diet, from the sweet treats we award ourselves to family essentials such as pre-packaged loaves of bread.


This was an interesting and enlightening article about the history of sugar, how it reached our shores, and found it's way into the family diet to become a household favourite.

It used to be available on the BBC website History section - and was further updated in 2018.
Sadly, the link no longer appears to be working - but for reference, it was:

However, plenty more information on sugar and addiction is still available on this site.

To find news and research articles on this subject, please see the following lists - which are regularly updated.

We know that too much sugar is bad for us, but we are hooked - and sugar is now so ubiquitous it is hard to believe there was a time when it was not readily available.

Sugar is now so ingrained in our diet it may seem too impossible a habit to break.  But Professor Naveed Sattar of the University of Glasgow's School of Medicine thinks there is some hope in our battle with the sweet stuff.

"People can take some of the sugar out of their diet and get to a point where they're eating less sugar in their food or drinks but still enjoy their diet to the same extent, if not more, by reprogramming their palate."

Challenging centuries of in-built programming favouring sugar might take a lot of willpower, but Professor Sattar is confident it can be achieved.

"Sometimes to re-programme your palate can take a couple of months… but people can achieve that change."