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22 Nov 2012 - Nutraingredients - Preventing malnutrition will save money as well as lives, says the UN

by Nathan Gray

Investment in battling malnutrition on a global scale will help save and improve millions of lives, but will also save billions of euros on lost potential GDP for countries where malnutrition is a problem, according to the United Nations


Stunting imposes an enormous cost on individuals and economies in terms of mortality, morbidity, loss of productivity and choronic disease.  Read the full article and more on:

  • The problem of stunting
  • A lifetime of trouble
  • An economic problem?

Malnutrition is a global problem that leads to stunted growth and the wasting of bodily tissues.  Yet for a relatively small investment, the problem of malnutrition, and all of the issues that accompany it, could be resolved, says Nils Grede of the United Nations World Food Programme.

"Stunting" (stunted growth due to malnutrition) imposes an enormous cost on individuals and on economies in terms of morbidity, mortality, loss of productivity and chronic disease.