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17 Apr 2012 - BBC News - Sugar warning for 'healthy' soft drinks

People underestimate the amount of sugar in drinks which are perceived to be healthy


After the chocolate egg indulgence of Easter, the children are back at school, and many parents will be trying to get their families back on track to a healthier diet. What better than smoothies and fruit juices to help with their five a day.

Perhaps this is not such a healthy option afterall. A new study from Glasgow University has found that 'healthy' drinks contain far more sugar than we realise and could be accounting for a large chunk of our recommended calorie intake. Read this BBC news item to get the full story.

The Glasgow University study asked more than 2,000 people in the UK to estimate how much sugar was in a range of drinks.

While many overestimated the amount in fizzy beverages, they underestimated levels in smoothies and fruit juices.

The research also found soft drinks could be accounting for a large chunk of their recommended calorie intake.

The British Soft Drinks Association says the sugar in soft drinks is not hidden because beverages carry clear labelling of nutritional content, including calorie and sugar content.