Food and Behaviour Research

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Dr Bernard Gesch

Bernard Gesch

Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford; and Director of the UK research charity Natural Justice

Research Interests:

Dr Bernard Gesch came to work with FAB Research in his roles as a Senior Research Scientist at the University Lab of Physiology, Oxford, and Founder of the research charity Natural Justice, which he set up to investigate causes of criminal antisocial behaviour.

Bernard is internationally renowned for his pioneering research into the links between diet and antisocial and criminal behaviour.

In the late eighties he established a successful programme combining nutrition and social approaches to offending which Courts used as an alternative to imposing custodial sentences on persistent juvenile offenders.

With the co-operation of the Home Office, Bernard and colleagues went on to conduct a carefully controlled clinical trial, supported by the charity Natural Justice, to test empirically if better nutrition could significantly improve the behaviour of maximum-security prisoners. It did! The publication of their work attracted in excess of 200 positive press articles worldwide.

Bernard went on to collaborate internationally to replicate these findings, and working with eminent colleagues from several institutions, including the Medical Research Council, the Institute of Psychiatry, the US National Institute of Health, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and the Scottish Prison Service.