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Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson

Senior Nutritionist and Clinical Studies Officer, Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber Healthcare NHS Trust

Web File Download: Download the Nutritional Care in Mental Health leaflet here (325.93 KB)

Research Interests:

Kevin Williamson is a Senior Nutritionist at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH).  For over 7 years he worked for the early intervention in psychosis services, where his work with young people with mental health problems received a Parliamentary commendation. He developed a nutritional service there for young people who have experienced their first episode of psychosis, looking at their diet in relation to their illness and providing a healthier, more nutritionally balanced alternative.  This service drew praise from the Government’s Food and Health Forum, which recommended that all other NHS trusts should adopt a similar approach. (See the Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum's report (January 2008) entitled: Inquiry into the links between diet and behaviour.)

To help others replicate the good practice in RDaSH, Kevin then developed an accredited training course on nutritional care in mental health, aimed at training professionals in both mental health and allied areas to introduce tailored nutritional assessment and positive dietary change with their service users.

Kevin’s is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist, holds a Masters of Medical Science in Human Nutrition, and has over 6 years experience of University lecturing as well as academic research publications. His current work includes a key role in helping RDaSH to develop their own clinical research capacity and expertise, with a focus on nutrition and mental health.  He is also a member of FAB Research's Scientific Advisory Board, and has been a valued contributor to FAB's national and regional events as both a speaker and professional training advisor since 2008.


Recent Publications:

Peet M. and Williamson K., (2011), ‘Fatty acids and Schizophrenia’.  Chapter in: Lifetime nutritional influences on cognition, behaviour and psychiatric illness, edited by D Benton.  Woodhead: Cambridge.

Oldknow H., Williamson K. and Etheridge K., (2014) ‘Peer Support to assist in transition to adult services’, Nursing Practice, 110(6), 20-21.

Oldknow H., Gosling J., Etheridge K. and Williamson K., ‘Peer support within a children and young people’s learning disability service: an evaluation of the peer support worker’s experience’, Learning Disability Practice, (in press).

Williamson, K., Kilner, K, Clibbens, N. 'A comparison of the nutrient intake of a community-dwelling first episode psychosis cohort, aged 19-64, with data from the United Kingdom population.' (under review)