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13 Feb 2014 - Nutraingredients - Nutritional Lipids and Oils online event

by Nathan Gray

As consumer demand for functional foods and supplements containing healthy lipids and oils continues to soar, global demand for fish oils and omega oils (omega-3, omega-6, omega-7, & omega-9) will continue to climb.


This online event has now taken place, but you can still register and access the archive which will be available until May 2014. Please click on the registration link in the text below.

During this event, Dr Alex Richardson presented a wealth of data on the possible links between diet and brain health, mood and behavioural conditions.  There was a huge amount of interest and not enough time for Alex to answer the many questions posed following her presentation.  A second opportunity to hear from her was created. 

Please see Dr Alex Richardson Q&A: Nutritional Lipids for Mood and Behaviour

Yet the massive market for these mega-ingredients is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthy oils: from antioxidant-rich olive oils, to healthy vegetable and seed oils, and the growing interest for herbal oils and supplements – the market is booming.

While research on the benefits of supplements and health focused functional foods may take centre stage for many, tackling the challenges of sustainability, supply chain management, and formulation in finished products are all vital for future success.

In this NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator online event, we bring you the latest consumer and market insights, scientific developments and technical innovations in the nutritional lipids and oils space.

Who should attend?

Nutritional Lipids & Oils 2014 targets food, beverage and dietary supplement brand owners, suppliers of nutritional lipids and oils, formulation specialists.
So, to get started, please complete our simple registration form by clicking here.


Adam Ismail : Executive Director at Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3.
David Hart: Vice-President Marketing at Qualitas Health.
Deepa Shenoy : Open Innovation at Amway Global R&D.
Diana Cowland: Senior Industry Analyst for Health and Wellness at Euromonitor International.
Dr Alex Richardson: Founder and Director of FAB Research, Senior Research Fellow at Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention and Visiting Research Fellow for Dept of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at University of Oxford.
Peter Zambetti : Director of Global Business Development for Health and Nutrition Capsugel.
Philip Bromley : Chief Executive Officer at Virun.
Scott Doughman : Chief Scientific Officer and CEO at Source-Omega, LLC.
Toby Middleton : Senior Country Manager at Marine Stewardship Council.